Bureau of Land Management HQ to be split between Grand Junction and D.C. – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-17 15:57:54 –

The headquarters of the US Bureau of Land Management will no longer be based solely at Grand Junction, US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced on Friday.

In a news release, Haaland announced that the agency, which relocated its national headquarters to Colorado under former President Donald Trump in 2019, will split its headquarters into Grand Junction and Washington, DC.

“It is imperative that the agency have the right structure and resources to serve the American people,” Haaland said. “BLM, like all land management agencies, needs to take leadership in Washington, DC and have access to policies, budgets, and decision-making tools to maximize its mission. There is no doubt that there is.

“In addition, BLM’s solid presence throughout Colorado and the West will continue to grow.”

On Friday, the Home Office said the change would “improve the functioning of the bureau, provide clarity to more than 7,000 BLM employees nationwide, maintain and increase stakeholder access, and make the bureau better for Americans. We will be able to provide services. ” It serves as the caretaker of almost one-fifth of the state’s public land. “

The Trump shift was welcomed by many on the West Slope and many of the then Republican US Senators Colliga Donners. However, more than 87% of the affected employees resigned or retired instead of moving to Colorado. The Washington Post reported..

Harland said in a Friday news release: “The past few years have been very devastating for organizations, civil servants, and their families. As we move forward, my priority is to rejuvenate and rebuild BLM, and the imminence of our time. Being able to meet challenges and paying attention to the well-being of our employees. “

BLM Director — Biden’s job candidate Tracy Stone Manning has not yet been identified — and other leadership positions will be set at DC Other “senior staff” will be based at Grand Junction, The release said. Over 95% of BLM employees already outside Washington, DC. “

Democratic Senator John Hickenlooper, who won Gardner’s seat, said after hearing the face news, “It must be a strong and lasting presence that involves the community and adds Western perspective and value to BLM’s mission. It must not be. “

“The Western BLM Headquarters in Colorado helps to ensure a fully functional institution that understands the West,” said Hickenlooper. “We will continue to work to secure jobs at Grand Junction, including senior management.”

US Senator Michael Bennett was disappointed to see the country’s headquarters return to Washington, but “establishing and growing a permanent BLM Western headquarters at Grand Junction should be a very positive development. That’s it. “

Hicken Looper, alongside Democrats US Congressman Joe NeguseI had Prompted to Harland To keep the station’s headquarters at Grand Junction.

Bureau of Land Management HQ to be split between Grand Junction and D.C. Source link Bureau of Land Management HQ to be split between Grand Junction and D.C.

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