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Harrodsburg, Kentucky (LEX 18) — Most schools throughout the federation have returned to sessions for about a month.

This week, several couples headlined recent masking decisions. On Thursday, the school in Mercer County decided not to require internal masking.

In a letter to supervisors and board members, the county health director advocates holding masks for high infection rates. She also states that it is especially important given that many are under the age of 12 because the vaccine has not been approved or is not available to the majority of the student population.

Some say to LEX 18 that it’s a decision that depends on the parent.

“I want my friends, the parents of those children, to have a choice,” said Matthew Hughes.

The director of the Burgin Independent School says this has resulted in a board vote.

“The board voted 4-1 to create its own masking policy. They feel they need to mask everything from buses to corridors, common areas and classrooms,” said Will Begley. increase. “It is optional to remove the mask when at the workstation slash desk.”

These decisions follow similar decisions from other districts in our area and make this call. As reported earlier this week, Science Hill Independent School unanimously voted to make it an option.

One parent we talked to says he has been homeschooling his two daughters since the beginning of the year.

“Last year we saw what was going on and talked about it,” said Stephanie Wilson.

Wilson’s daughters are junior high school students. She says this allows families to make decisions that they feel best protect them and their health and safety.

“We can protect girls,” says Wilson. “We can protect ourselves. We can protect our families because we know what we are doing. What others are doing. You can’t control if you’re there. “

Can be clicked here See the remaining comments from the Mercer County Health Department.

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