Burglar targets laundromat on city’s southside Corpus Christi – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-10-22 20:05:51 –

“In the last two years, he has done $ 2,000 worth of damage,” said the owner of Quick Trip Laundry Drew Vandam.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Laundry is a never-ending cycle, and many people complete one or two cycles from 6 am to 11 pm at QuikTrip Laundry in a shopping center on the south side of the city.

“The business is fairly stable and we are an integral part of it, so we were fortunate to stay open during the pandemic,” said owner Drew Vandan.

Owner Drew Van Dam is working to keep the door open for this family-owned business.

“I and my dad run them together. I probably officially took over about six months ago,” Van Damme said.

While doing so, he sees another cycle happening in his store.

“He’s just doing a lot of damage,” Van Damme said.

“He” is the man in the image below. A man who has invaded the store and has invaded many times.

Six times, Van Damme says it all started a year ago.

“It’s January 29, 2020, which is probably about $ 1800 worth of damage, and I think he received $ 800 in cash and coins from us,” Vandam said.

Since then, Van Damme says the man in a bicycle and hat hasn’t stopped.

“In the last two years, he has done a total of $ 2,000 worth of damage and has received only about $ 800 from us,” Vandam said.

There are police reports and security measures have been strengthened.

“We bought new security cameras and got even more enhanced cameras. They are 4K. You can zoom in or look from your bedroom across the town. Look anywhere. You can, “Vandam said.

“I installed these speaker systems connected to the Alexa system here, so when I see him at my house at 2am, I can basically talk to him through the speaker system.”

Despite all these steps being taken, Van Damme says the man will continue to return.

“It was in the back row, and now it’s completely gone,” Van Damme said. “It was too expensive to repair them from the damage he caused, so we basically had to remove the machine.”

Corpus Christi police say there has been a change in robbery since the pandemic.

“Because people are in their homes, thieves have shifted to business robbers rather than residential robbers,” said Lieutenant Michael Pena.

The company lives in Van Damme, but he says he sees it as positive rather than negative, although it keeps happening.

“It made us aware that we need to focus on security, we got more cameras, we got better cameras, we Got the door schedule, “Vandam said.

Police say they are doing what they can to help catch the man.

“I wish I could resolve the crime in less than 30 minutes, like on TV, but it’s a process, beyond our T point, to identify the right person,” said Lieutenant Pena.

Van Damme says he hopes this cycle will end with the help of police and the community.

“I’m going to keep repairing my machine, we’re going to stay here, we’re going to stay open, vigilant, and watch him,” Van Damme said.

Burglar targets laundromat on city’s southside Corpus Christi Source link Burglar targets laundromat on city’s southside Corpus Christi

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