Burglary at KJE Tiny Homes brings business to a halt – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2022-05-23 23:51:56 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Early morning robbers fled with tools worth thousands of dollars from a locally owned company.

Due to this loss, work at KJETiny Homes, which specializes in alternative living facilities, has been suspended.

“It’s terrible, because it’s a terrible thing, because you’re doing countless hardships, moving your ass, and people swiping your stuff like nothing,” said supervisor Jason Inglebright.

At KJETiny Homes headquarters in northwestern Fresno, shoe prints and fingerprints are still visible.

The board was up through the shattered window early Sunday morning.

Owners say a surveillance video from across the street showed that a white-work-style truck was pulled up to the front door.

They say passengers came out and threw rocks through the windows.

“They unlatched the window, slid it open, stood up many times, and then walked open the door for others waiting outside,” Inglebright said.

Two chop saws, each worth hundreds of dollars, were stripped from the workspace and dozens of tools were removed.

“There was a complete table of Millwalky power tools. There was over $ 15,000. They were here,” Inglebright said. “That is, they took everything.”

Englebright says he just moved to a 10,000-square-foot shop a week ago in hopes of expanding.

However, after using so many tools, work was suspended and employees were asked to stay home on Monday.

Now they are waiting to see if insurance covers the loss.

“Did you get what I have and have a lot of trouble getting someone in and stealing it? That’s terrible,” Inglebright said.

Fresno police are investigating the robbery.

Most of the tools purchased at the shop have the initials “KJE”. Owners want to be able to recover at least some of them.

“I hope people can keep an eye on them and find them and turn back,” Inglebright said.

The owner decided to adopt security for the next few nights until he had a long-term security plan.

If you have information about robbery, or if you find one of these tools for sale, you will be asked to contact the Fresno police.

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Burglary at KJE Tiny Homes brings business to a halt Source link Burglary at KJE Tiny Homes brings business to a halt

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