Burkes has hinted that Trump wants to lose the election, the new book says | Trump administration

Dr. Deborah Birx, then coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, hinted to Obama-era officials shortly before the 2020 elections. Donald Trump Lost to Joe Biden.

Andy Rabbit, a former Deputy Head of Medicaid and Medicare Service Centers, wrote in a new book: According to CNNHe told Burkes, “In the event of a tense transition in government, to get a sense of whether she can help Biden and his team give the best opportunity to be effective.

“At some point, after a short pause, she looked into my eyes and said,” I hope the elections will take place in a particular way. ” I had the most important information I needed. “

Slavit Get off Last week as a senior advisor to Biden’s pandemic response.his Book, Preventable: A story behind how leadership failure, politics, and selfishness destined the US coronavirus reaction was released on Tuesday.

This book utilizes conversations with Trump insiders. Slavit, who also worked on modifying the Affordable Care Act website, spoke to such a person in an informal role.

“Her early optimism has been gone,” Slavit added to the meeting with Burkes, according to CNN. She was really scared. “

Slavit also writes about a conversation with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, who led the federal response. Slavit says Kushner “obviously didn’t want to succeed” and “had a bad incentive to keep blaming us.”

Governor Kushner’s view Should take responsibility Failures in the United States have been reported elsewhere.He Reportedly Working on his own book.

Talk to The Daily Beast New anomalous podcastSlavit is a “front row” to the turmoil in the U.S. response, including Stanford University medical scientist but not an epidemiologist or infectious disease expert, and prominently including Scott Atlas, an active champion of media Trump. He said he had something like a seat.

“I contacted the White House,” he said. “I contacted Jared Kushner. All conversations between Jared Kushner and Deborah Birx are in the book, and the work they had to do was essentially a minimum. I know that it was to admit that we were in a more serious situation than we had ever experienced.

“Show a little sympathy and lead the country in search of any sacrifice. They did nothing of them, and they did not plan and put together a competent response, and it Mostly it had to do with the people they all worked for. “

Slavit told The Daily Beast that he “did some good things.” He called Atlas “a bit of the Frankenstein monster created by Donald Trump.”

As more Americans were vaccinated and society resumed, Covid-19 deaths were dramatically delayed.However, due to the Covid variant, vaccination rates are also declining, and the United States On track to kill 600,000 people this week.

Slavit Fight against AIDS Before she joined Trump’s task force, she told him “no illusions” about her impact on the government’s career.

Another official, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who became famous in the mass media as part of Trump’s response, continues to serve under Biden. I don’t barks.

Burkes has hinted that Trump wants to lose the election, the new book says | Trump administration

Source link Burkes has hinted that Trump wants to lose the election, the new book says | Trump administration

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