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Burlesque star and ‘Quarantine Cabaret’ creator Michelle L’amour wants you to feel better about feeling good – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Interviews with Michelle Lamor can go in many directions.We were able to talk Bear book club (Previously Naked girl reading), A frequently imitated and non-replicating “live nude literary show” she founded in 2009. I was able to talk about her viral video “Butthoven’s 5th Symphony” which was played about 4 million times in 2013. I was also able to talk about her striptease.Appearance America’s Got Talent.. (David Hasselhoff got hooked on it; brandy, not so much.)

But today we are all about Quarantine cabaret (((, A donation-led online variety series she started producing in the early days of the pandemic, and convinced that famous burlesque performers, producers and instructors will continue to move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

From the beginning, Quarantine cabaret It served two useful purposes. During the toughest times of 2020, we brought Las Vegas-quality entertainment (dancers, musicians, comedians, acrobats, magicians, etc.) into our homes, providing financial support to the performers themselves. Unemployed. But even if live entertainment slowly wakes up, L’amour sticks to the webcast, albeit with another focus on education. She is keen on body image issues and spoke openly about alopecia in the 2018 HuffPost editorial and about accepting innocent joy. She hosts classes, seminars, and even podcasts on sexual health and orientation, and finds time to host the “burlesque-style fitness class” Tease & Tone through the Vegas Dance Hub (“

You moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas last year in the middle of a blockade. why? Well, LA is ridiculously expensive. When the shutdown happened, I lost all of my income, and my landlord was actually raising rent during this pandemic. … It was a little panic situation. I’m really grateful that we can come here and get some financial freedom, and not only the actual space, but my lease has ended. We have moved to a place where we can devote our entire house to production.

Until then, everything was in the living room and had to be stood up or destroyed every time. And we were producing a lot of content. So suddenly we realized that we lived in the theater. It probably sounds romantic, but it wasn’t. Tiger King.. We are very happy to be in Las Vegas, and it really made it possible for us to be truly creative.

Quarantine cabaret It was a kind of heavenly blessing for both performers and viewers. Two days after the blockade, I thought, “OK, all the work is gone,” so my brain just took off. … The original idea was to have one person come at a time and be able to film their actions. And soon it became “No, that’s a bad idea.” Then we asked people, “Hey, can you shoot yourself?” And this is not necessarily a skill that performers have. I mean, I don’t have that skill. You can hardly take a selfie. I am grateful that my husband Frankie can do all this magic. Suddenly the whole world became available to me. I was able to work with anyone anywhere. It has become really exciting.

Does this feel like an inflection point for you in terms of production? Yeah. To be honest, even before the pandemic, I was really burned out in the hustle and bustle, going from gig to gig. Sure, I’m grateful for my work and I’m lucky … but I’ve been doing it for over 18 years and it’s kind of daunting to me. I was just looking for something different. You don’t necessarily have to leave the world of performance, but to talk to another space. I really work in the field of empowerment. I have taught this class called Pussy Confidence, which I also developed during quarantine. It’s a bunch of ideas for 2014 and I’ve always wanted to embody it.this [lockdown] It gave me the opportunity to sit down, really study, take the time to make classes and start teaching them. It really changed my life.

Tell us about podcasts. Overlooking there?? It also came to my mind during the pandemic. I like to call myself a recovering vulva dislike (laughs). I’m known as the “naked woman”, but I paid close attention to what I showed to the audience. I had a lot of shame about what was between my legs.I thought it was ugly and crude and didn’t look like the pretty package you were looking at Playboy..

I’ve done a lot of work over the years to heal this shame, [and] If I can talk about it, it will probably help heal other people. I know it’s very strange to be separated from such an important part of your body-something that gives you so much joy and creates life. … You have to be really intentional about seeing it. You literally have to grab a mirror and look down there.

Do you think you might play or teach on stage in Las Vegas now that the restrictions have been lifted? I’m really open to everything at this point. During this time, I learned not to say “I will never do it”. Because what I’m doing is saying I’ll never do it. I am pursuing everything that makes me happy and passionate. If that means I’m making a show here, that’s great.

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