Bus driver keeps Piper choir safe during Andover tornado outbreak – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2022-05-19 14:26:55 –

Shawnee, Kansas — Bus drivers are said to keep Piper High School students safe as EF-3s. A tornado hit Andover, KansasLast month.

With DS bus line Piper school district Driver Roger Smith said he was driving 30 students from Piper to a chorus near Wichita while in the midst of bad weather.

According to the bus company, the choir’s director, Shelly Cole, has contacted a colleague who is already at a hotel in Wichita. She learned that the tornadoes were in the area and they had already been moved to shelters in harsh weather.

The weather continued to worsen and the wind was so strong that some students on the bus experienced motion sickness.

Funnel cloud found near Walmart | Source: DS Bus Line

“I’ve been Piper’s Choir Leader for 22 years and I’ve been teaching for 27 years, which tells me the most horrifying thing I’ve ever experienced,” Cole said by a release provided by the DS Busline. ..

The group tried to find a roadside shelter on a turnpike near El Dorado, but couldn’t find it.

According to DS Bus Lines, Smith continued to concentrate on the freeway as the tornado siren began to ring on his student’s cell phone. Some students used the weather radar app and navigation to provide turn-by-turn directions when Smith drove the bus to nearby Wal-Mart.

At that point, the storm had already caused damage to the area, and much of the electricity was not in the area.

According to the bus company, when the bus arrived at El Dorado Wal-Mart, Smith and Cole confirmed that all the students were safely inside before parking the bus.

No one in the group was injured, and after revealing everything, they took part in the choir competition.

Smith, Cole, and 3 students were honored | Source: DS Busline

“Thanks to Thomas for designing and building such a powerful machine. The bus was really hit that day, but it held up well,” Smith said.

The school district honored Smith, Cole, and three students who helped guide the bus safely on May 9.

Bus driver keeps Piper choir safe during Andover tornado outbreak Source link Bus driver keeps Piper choir safe during Andover tornado outbreak

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