Bush Calls Out Republican Support for Home-Grown TerrorismThe former president reminded the GOP that it needs to rid itself of the enemies of democracy and pluralism – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-20 13:57:27 –

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on the United States in history, former Republican President George W. Bush said that his country’s terrorist, “a violent extremist at home,” he identified as “children of the same foul.” Called for the continued support of his own party. spirit. ”

It was an important moment in the history of our country. But whether it makes any difference to his party’s future depends on the distance the Republicans have already refused to accept the outcome of free and fair elections in US democracy.

In a 9/11 address in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Bush hijacked an airplane 20 years ago and collided in Shanksville, killing 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington. Draws a direct comparison of human terrorists. A violent January 6 attack on the US Parliament by hundreds of supporters of former President Trump trying to prevent Congress from proving President Biden’s election.

Definition of national symbols

Terrorists came from different cultures at home and abroad, Bush said. To confront them. “

What made Bush’s public declaration so important was the recognition of how important 9/11 was in uniting all the Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents) behind his presidency. It was that. Once again, without naming Trump, Bush contrasted American unity with the hatred and anger that Trump had deliberately given to the entire presidency to divide Americans from each other.

“In the weeks and months after the 9/11 attack, I was proud to lead amazing, resilient, united people,” Bush said. “When it comes to American unity, it seems (now) far from ourselves. Malicious forces act in our daily lives, turning any disagreement into a debate. .. .. Much of our politics is a naked complaint of anger, fear, and resentment. “

Malignant power

Of course, its malignant power to inflame all those angry political divisions was Trump. And soon, Trump violently attacked his Republican predecessor. “(Bush) don’t tell us anything!” Trump was furious. “The World Trade Center collapsed during his surveillance. President Bush led a failed, unstimulated presidency. He should not lecture to anyone!”

President Bush’s presidency was certainly flawed. National unification on 9/11 suffered from two unpopular wars that tortured political prisoners in violation of international law and caused the worst US economic crisis since the Great Depression. Bush’s reputation is partially revived by a far greater disaster in Trump’s incompetent response to a pandemic that killed 600,000 Americans who destroyed eight years of economic interests under President Obama in one go. bottom.

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One factor that adds credibility to Bush’s criticism of Trump’s criticism of hatred and prejudice within the Republican Party is that evangelical Christian Bush reduces the increase in hate crimes against American Muslims since September 11. That is why I actively worked as president. Bush attended the mosque and declared that the American war was not against Islam, but against the religious militants who attacked us. Sadly, Trump’s religious and racial prejudices were the exact opposite, with strong support from many other white evangelicals.

Pathetic rally

Most elected Republicans ignore Bush’s criticism of all the violent terrorists Trump has attracted to the party, despite a pathetic rally held by Trump rebel supporters in Washington on Saturday. I’m doing my best to do it.

As the first pro-trump rally since January 6, security fences and hundreds of police officers were deployed to protect the Capitol. Organizers claimed that as many as 700 supporters of the riot could participate, nearly the same number struck the Capitol, killing five people, including police officers, and injuring 140 other police. Many were beaten hard with baseball bats, iron pipes, hockey sticks, and flags. Pole.

Instead, only a few hundred people appeared on Saturday, accompanied by nearly the same number of media, opposition activists, and casual observers. Defeating democracy violently is no longer an exciting and hot ticketing event under Trump’s control, unless the furious and defeated president offends them.

President Bush has explicitly accused Trump of destroying the dangerous non-US troops he welcomed to the Republicans from the inside out as a legitimate and conservative US party. Racial and religious prejudices and the destruction of free and fair elections are not conservative American values. They are anti-American values.

Republicans need to get rid of non-American anti-democratic hatred that Democrats have driven out of their parties in the 1960s by supporting the civil rights of all Americans, regardless of race, gender, or country of origin. there is. It’s long ago that Republicans did the same thing.

U.S. voters reject 2022 and 2024 candidates who are silent as “same malicious children” as 9/11 terrorists within the Republican Party continue to destroy the beautiful ideals of American democracy. Will continue.

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