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Sacramento (CBS13) – Local businesses say they are under attack by career criminals.

Sacramento County companies say California’s unbail policy and looser chronic obstruction criminal policy are destroying their lives. Due to the terrible deterioration in parts of Sacramento County, some businesses are demanding that they cancel their debts in order to escape constant crime.

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“Companies are constantly under attack,” said Chris Evans, Secretary-General of the Antelope Business District. “Zero bail caused ongoing problems. There are recidivisms. There is one case where a gentleman committed three felony in a row. It’s just a pile of problems,” he explained. ..

so Letter to Sacramento County Superior Court, Evans, along with other business districts representing 2,386 companies, is calling for the end of California’s “no bail policy” and the resurgence of the Chronic Obstruction Criminal Program.

The group tracking crimes in the district recorded an 82% increase last year.

“80% of my budget is used solely for the security of my district, just to keep the store safe,” Evans explains.

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Ethan Conrad, CEO of Ethan Conrad Properties, owns several commercial properties, including one in the North Highlands, where repeated crimes are skyrocketing. According to Evans. A company on Wat Avenue that targets Sunday night wants to cancel the lease. CARD, an abbreviation for Center for Autism and Related Disorders, expressed concern to Conrad after the window was struck with a BB. It is the latest in a series of crimes committed against their business and others.

“We need to fix it. The system is currently broken,” explains Conrad. “There’s nothing to stop people, criminals trespass, annoy tenants, or cause problems,” he explained.

Their problem began with zero bail carried out during the pandemic. Then last month, the State Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to require defendants to stay behind the bar if they couldn’t afford bail. The Sacramento County Court last week met with a partner to discuss issues regarding the bail situation in the light of a recent decision by the California Supreme Court.

“These discussions included concerns raised by both Sacramento County District Law Firm and Sacramento County Real Estate Business Improvement District regarding the arrest of repeat offenders. The court did not meet certain criteria. To the extent, we continue to assess the impact of In reHumphrey’s decision to limit the use of bailouts for individual pretrial detention on bailouts. The court understands the concerns expressed, but the US and California Constitutions. It is mandatory to maintain a consistent bailout schedule and bailout system, “a court representative said in a statement to CBS13.

The business district says it needs to do more as crime increases and criminals repeat themselves.

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“The problem will only get bigger until the Chronic Nuisance Criminal Program resumes,” Evans said.

Business Districts Say Fewer Restrictions On Criminals Are Driving Out Business – CBS Sacramento Source link Business Districts Say Fewer Restrictions On Criminals Are Driving Out Business – CBS Sacramento

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