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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-04-07 16:32:23 –

Madison, Wisconsin (AP) — Unregulated PFAS chemistry until Wisconsin’s environmental regulators have reached an agreement with the state’s largest business group and the court decides whether state law allows testing of artificial compounds. We will not announce the results of water sampling of the substance.

The agreement between the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Commerce and Industry of Wisconsin means that water can be continued from industrial and municipal treatment plants for so-called “eternal chemicals”, but the results are open to the public. not.

An agreement filed with the Jefferson County Circuit Court on Tuesday was a judge issued last week in a proceeding filed by WMC in an attempt to block DNR from testing PFAS, a class of chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. It is an alternative to temporary restraint orders and other illnesses.

In the proceedings, the WMC claimed that the DNR had no legal authority to test pollutants if standards were not in place, the State Journal reported.

PFAS does not easily decompose in the environment and has been used in a variety of products and fire extinguishing foams for decades. They were detected in humans, wildlife and fish and polluted soil and groundwater throughout the state, including Madison, Marinette and Lacrosse.

By announcing the results, the WMC states that the DNR is endangering the company’s reputation as a polluter, even if it complies with emission permits.
DNR is currently developing water standards for two PFAS compounds.

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