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Beeville, Texas — Bee County business owners have developed creative ways to help people in areas suffering from health problems.

When Maria Cristo Reynolds felt sick, her mother used herbs and natural products to keep her in shape.

These are Beeville’s 416 North Saint Mary’s St. It’s the same concept she uses in Business CC at.

“It feels like there’s a small town where just being able to join the community makes everyone basically like the whole family,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds was born in Mexico and says she worked very hard and graduated from college for over a decade. In September she acquired citizenship.

She then began to focus on her dream of opening her own business.

There are many items on the CC’s menu, but the biggest attraction is the drinks that can help people with high blood pressure, migraines, diabetes and more.

“I think my ultimate goal is just to help people, and that’s what I’m here for (if I can do that) through drinks, and that’s what CC is for.”

Her business and its mood prove to be popular with her customers.

“CC reminds me of my home,” said Christie Lauret, who lives in Beeville. She enjoys taking her daughter to CC. “There were several coffee shops, but I love the atmosphere and choices here.”

Both share the importance of supporting local businesses, especially in small towns like Beeville.

“It’s really important to come here and buy coffee once in a while so that we can continue this wonderful business in our town,” said her daughter Li Rowlett.

Reynolds says he intends to continue researching more natural and healthy items that will benefit those who stop by.

“Many people want to help small business owners, and when they bring something of their own that can’t be found anywhere else, it gets their attention.” She said.

Business owner creates products aimed at promoting health Source link Business owner creates products aimed at promoting health

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