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Tampa, Florida ——University of Tampa students are struggling to find a place to live on campus.

Students said they received a letter stating that there is a high demand for on-campus housing for new students in the 2021-2022 school year. According to the letter, students who were not given housing were automatically placed on the waiting list to receive a housing assignment.

The letter also states, “At this time, it is very unlikely that students on the waiting list will be offered campus housing.”

Chloe Tobin lives in New Hampshire. She plans to attend the University of Tampa in the fall. She wants to live on campus.

“It’s a little scary to me to be far from home, as I said, and being with the kids who experience that feeling in the first year makes me feel lonely. I wanted to be surrounded by them because there are fewer.

Tobin recently received an email from the University of Tampa. The email stated that cancellations and postponements could soon open up campus residences.

The letter also states, “As long as there are seats available, students on the waiting list may be offered housing quotas based on the date of submission of the housing application.”

UT also offers tuition leave for students if they postpone their education for one year. Students can receive a $ 3,500 annual postponement grant from the University of Texas at Austin to work on a full-time undergraduate degree.

According to the University of Tampa website, “Like many selective universities, UT does not guarantee housing and does not guarantee it for more than 10 years.”

Owned by Rachel Arnold “Daisy bug delivery service, ”Is a concierge company. About 80% of her business comes from students at the University of Texas.

She often delivers groceries and helps her get things done. She said she hopes to help students find networks to find other housing opportunities.

“I’m not a real estate agent. I’m not a real estate manager. I’m doing this out of heart and hope that these students will be best educated and don’t have to rest for a year. I will. ” Arnold.

She shares information on her Facebook page and the Nextdoor app.

“If we can help as many people as possible with the help of the community, that’s what we’re doing right. We care for each other, especially these kids. This is me. It’s our future, “said Arnold.

Click here for more information on the lack of housing on campus.

Business owner uses social media to help University of Tampa students without housing Source link Business owner uses social media to help University of Tampa students without housing

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