Buy, Sell, and Trade Pre-Owned Watches in Singapore

Watchbox is home to one of the largest luxury watch collections in the world. With licensed watch collectors and enthusiasts trained in Switzerland, Watchbox collects, authenticates, and sells a wide selection of luxury brand watches.

After refurbishing these watches, the team of in-house watch experts then inspect them to ensure they are in their pristine condition before launching them off into the market.

Buy, Sell, and Trade Pre-Owned Watches in Singapore

Watchbox provides a community where you can own a pre-owned watch at affordable rates and still enjoy up to two years’ warranty.

How to Sell Your Watch

Going to your local watch shop might not be the best when selling your luxury watch brand.

So, if you own a Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, or Hublot watch, and you want to get competitive quotes in 24 hours, then Watchbox is the place to sell.

You can sell your watch in four easy steps.

  • First, visit our inventory and select the watch brand you want to sell
  • Secondly, speak to a professional about your watch
  • Once you have settled matters with the professional, you will receive a prepaid shipping label. With this, you can ship your watch to us through UPS or FedEx. And do not worry, we pay for the shipping and insurance costs.

Trading your Watch

  • If you are trading one brand for another, you only need to visit our watch inventory and select the watch you will be exchanging for.
  • Then, you speak to an expert regarding the specifications of the watch you want and get a valuation
  • Once that is agreed upon, you can send us your watch for full inspection
  • If everything is within limits, you will then receive your payment immediately

When looking to buy a watch from us, you can browse through our website for information on the brand and cost of the timepiece you want.

You can also service your watch with us

Buy, Sell, and Trade Pre-Owned Watches in Singapore

At Watchbox, we have Swiss-trained watch experts who learn from the makers of these watches. Therefore, we have a good understanding of the mechanics of luxury brand watches. And at our service center, we make your watch look as good as new, thus improving its value.

Benefits from working with the team

As a world-leading platform for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned watches, we work with real professionals who understand the value of timepieces.

We also understand the importance of time during high-value transactions. That is why we are committed to making the process of selling your watch as smooth and fast as possible.

With us, you get only the top value for your luxury watch. For instance, a Rolex Submariner goes for an average of $8000. A Panerai Luminor Marina goes for an average of $4000, and the same goes for Breitling Navitimer.

Secondly, we offer free insured delivery services to our clients. Once you have expressed your wish to sell or trade your watch, you get a prepaid shipping label, which means we take on all the risks involved in transit.

Finally, you get immediate payment for your watch once our specialists complete the evaluation.

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