Buying a White Car: Is It a Good Idea?

A lot of car owners think that a white car is chic. Snowy, pearl, linen, ivory – the names of the shades alone are admirable! However, experienced drivers know that white is not only beautiful but also practical.

The choice of color is more often challenging for those who are looking for a new vehicle from a dealer. But even if you are looking for a used machine, it is worth considering various color options. And white should be among them. In any case, in the process of acquiring a used vehicle, an owner check is a necessary step to make sure that you are not going to get a pig in a poke.

Buying a White Car: Is It a Good Idea?

Advantages of the White Color of a Car

So, if you are in the process of choosing a car to acquire, consider white color for some of the reasons below.

Reason 1. Versatility

White color is suitable for a driver of any gender, age, and social status. Unlike, for example, red, which is most often preferred by women. At the same time, this color looks good for various sizes of vehicles, be it a Jeep, Range Rover, or Ford Focus.

Reason 2. Security and anti-theft protection

White cars are well noticed on roads, especially when the weather is not good. This prevents collisions in rainy weather or late at night. Probably, for this reason, white cars are less often featured in reports on traffic accidents. The brightness of the white color can also safeguard an owner against theft. It is especially true for those car brands among which white colors are not popular.

Reason 3. Comfort

The white color does not attract warmth. So, even in the hottest weather, your car will not be overheated. Owners do not need to use the air conditioner at the lowest temperature, which influences fuel consumption. The real fuel savings are up to 13%.

Reason 4. Disguise

On the white body, minor mechanical damages are almost invisible, on the contrary to the black one. The reason for this is that the base layer is also white. The snow-white body also masks the dust settling on it. Therefore, the owners do not have to wash their vehicles too often like black-car possessors.

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Reason 5. Maintaining brightness for many years

This is another argument for white car owners. This shade fades less, and over time its saturation is not lost.

Reason 6. Always in trend

White does not risk going out of fashion and will always be relevant. The same cannot be said about other shades, for example, about orange or yellow. Maybe that’s why white cars are so common in the market of used vehicles.

Are There Any Pitfalls?

White cars also have disadvantages. The first and most serious is the visibility of rust spots that appear on the car body sooner or later. Another pitfall is that due to the variety of shades of white (white, bright white, beige, white-two-layer, etc.), it is difficult to select the color in the case of repainting if this kind of work is necessary.

Mind the pros and cons of the white color, but, most importantly, think if such a car will bring you pleasure.


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