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Buying furniture? You could have a long wait – Kansas City, Missouri

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Are you thinking of buying new furniture for your home, such as with recent tax refunds or stimulus checks?

The COVID pandemic has created a nationwide shortage of kitchen equipment, but the shortage of furniture may be exacerbated.

Melissa Taylor zoomed in on a sofa that was damaged by a leak during a pandemic shutdown last summer.

“One morning we woke up to a flood in our family room, and water fell from the ceiling onto our sofa,” she said.

So Taylor and her husband rushed to a local furniture store to order a new one.

However, her 6-8 week wait turned into a 6 month wait.

“I don’t have a sofa yet,” she said. “It was the biggest nightmare.”

When she finally contacted someone in the store, she received some bad news.

“They haven’t started production on my couch, so here I’m just waiting,” Taylor said.

Many brands, many retailers … even IKEA

This is happening to furniture buyers across the country, not just one store.

Last fall, Cindy Roetker told WCPO that he had been waiting for vanity from IKEA for four months. Her bathroom was torn and awaiting a new piece.

“I’m done. I’m starting to panic because I need a toilet vanity,” she said. (I’m glad to say that IKEA rushed her new vanity shortly after we aired the report).

Sean O’Brien is Chief Marketing Officer Modloft, A contemporary furniture brand.

He blames the combination of the surge in demand due to homeowners rebuilding their homes during the pandemic and the months-long delay in obtaining fabrics from places such as India, China and Vietnam.

“60 percent of our products are currently backordered,” he said. “There are many places where you can back things up. We need to communicate well with our customers what is happening and when.”

How to speed up delivery

So what if you need the furniture tomorrow?

If you are shopping at a major furniture store:

  • Ask what kind of goods the store has in the local warehouse.
  • If allowed, consider the floor model.
  • Use units that are flexible in style and color and are readily available.
  • When ordering online from a store such as Wayfair, check the estimated delivery date carefully.

The New York Times says The most important thing is to be patient.

If you don’t know what to expect, you can end up like Melissa Taylor.

“I never imagined I was waiting on the couch yet,” she said.

Conclusion: If you need to order furniture specially, be aware that it can take several months. That way, you won’t be overly frustrated or wasted money.


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Buying furniture? You could have a long wait Source link Buying furniture? You could have a long wait

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