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Riverside, California 2021-10-15 18:26:01 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Your larger retailer may be suffering from supply chain problems, but moms and pop shops are avoiding it.

Joel Trevino, who runs Dagon Produce, said he was able to get what he needed by going closer to him and other distributors.

“It’s very important for people to look for local options,” he said. “Not only from sources like me who distribute produce directly from farmers, but also to restaurants. You look for those restaurants that do produce from legal farms to the table.” Where did your produce come from? ” And they have the answer for you, that’s what you want to go. “

Trevino works in places like Bellino and The Vine Juice Company. Both state that they will buy locally as often as possible.

Suzanna Sudder, co-owner of The Vine Juice Company, said:

“I think it’s beneficial to me, but I think it’s more beneficial to the coastal bends and the people in the coastal bends,” said Trebino.

“In my opinion, quality is the first benefit. The better the quality, the better the product, and the better way to shop locally,” said Francesco Ingagiato, owner of Belino. That’s why. “

Trevino said it has seasonal inventory, although it may pay more from local distributors.

“And such things will be available on a regular basis,” he said. “Yes, so there is no price inflation. It will stick around the same price.”

Inguaggiato sometimes wants to have more supply locally, but it’s better than dealing with larger distributors.

“It can take up to two weeks, but it depends on the situation. As things happen, it gets harder and harder,” says Sadder.

Dagon produce is distributed to several restaurants and about 30 individuals in the area. They sell seasonal produce baskets with weekly or monthly subscriptions. You can find those details here..

Buying local helps small businesses with supply chain issues Source link Buying local helps small businesses with supply chain issues

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