Byron Buxton ‘probably in the best spot I’ve been’ – Twin Cities

2021-04-04 20:06:31 –

Milwaukee — Byron Buxton’s longest home run in his career was hit so well and so high that Brewers center-fielder Lorenzo Cain had to step back a few steps to see it sail on Thursday afternoon. did.

According to Statcast, it moved 456 feet and, as a follow-up, Baxton took a tough pitch from Corbin Burnes to the right center in the seventh inning on Saturday, defeating a no-hitter no-run.

Baxton said he was comfortable and confident early in the season. And that is clear from the results. With an 8-2 victory over Milwaukee in the Twins on Sunday, Baxton, who was third in the lineup for the second time this season, doubled with his only turn at bat. He is taken away with an illness unrelated to COVID and the twins continue to monitor him.

“There aren’t many things that can get me off track mentally,” Baxton said on Saturday. “I’m probably the best baseball player I’ve ever had.”

What led him to that point?

He mainly refers to his family: his parents, his wife, and his two little sons, Brixton and Blaze.

“Everyone wants to be here, everyone wants to win. I want to win. That’s the situation, but it’s a much bigger picture than I go out and play baseball,” Baxton said. Told. “I have to go home, take care of my family, take care of my parents, so after all, I teach them the right direction and teach my boys the right direction. You need to have a clear mind. ”

Brixton is 7 years old and Blaze is under 1 year old and has already begun to understand baseball a bit. That’s all Blaze was quiet when the game started, his proud father said. All of this made the outfielder feel a lot of gratitude for where he was.

“Without them, I wouldn’t have been in this place,” he said. “For them, they keep me as clear as possible, so this is just icing to allow us to get out and play baseball.”

27-year-old Baxton is in his seventh season in Major League Baseball, and his experience has also helped take him to his current location with a plate approach.

“I’m confident enough now where it doesn’t really matter what you throw at me. I sit on the braking pitch. I know how much my hands are on those fastballs. I’m starting to figure out if it reacts fast, “Baxton said. “When you reach that point, it’s pretty scary. It’s all about going out and having fun.”

First Look

Twins will see two new veteran starters for the first time when traveling to Detroit on Monday and Tuesday to play against the Tigers. Matt Shoemaker from Michigan will start on Monday, and JA Happ, which has been delayed in spring training due to a COVID-19 positive test, will start on Tuesday.

Happ threw a simulation game in Milwaukee on Wednesday, building over 70 pitches at the start of his last spring training.

“I think he’s built up to a good point where he can get out there and get off to a successful start for us,” said manager Rocco Baldelli. “He’s ready. He’s ready to go there, confident, and ready to go, but I don’t know any other way to say that.”

Byron Buxton ‘probably in the best spot I’ve been’ – Twin Cities Source link Byron Buxton ‘probably in the best spot I’ve been’ – Twin Cities

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