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Sacramento, California (AP) — California’s largest state workers’ union approved a $ 1 million donation on Wednesday to help Governor Gavin Newsom fight an oncoming recall in an emergency vote.

“Gavin Newsom would win this recall without our support,” said union member Robert Bayes. “The only thing our support does is us. Is to further divide the union. “

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The SEIU Local 1000 represents 96,000 state workers. The donations approved by the board were sent to the SEIU California State Council, which oversees 17 unions, and voted against the recall last week.

The union’s president, Yvonne Walker, convened an emergency meeting on the union’s board of directors on Friday, a few days after the union lost its presidency to opponents who argued that it should not support Newsom. Her work is a few weeks left.

President-elect Richard Lewis Brown, who will take office later this month, opposes the union’s support for Newsome because of the governor’s salary cuts for state workers during the pandemic. Opposition to the recall would require support from the board to be the union’s official view, but his anti-Newsom comments rippled into an organized labor movement that greatly supported the governor. Caused.

A union spokesman did not answer the question about when political support votes usually take place.

On the board, 44 voted in favor of a $ 1 million donation, nine voted against, and five abstained.

Union member Stephen Arari, who proposed the donation, warned that if he didn’t support Newsom, he could leave the Republican governor, who is in the position of an anti-worker, from the state. He reminded members of the term of former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the 2003 recall elections and often sparred with state trade unions under Walker’s leadership.

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“We have to protect our members and California,” he said.

Opponents included all three vice presidents of the union, one of whom was reelected.

Kevin Menagher, vice president, secretary and treasurer who will retire, said the union should wait for a position until the recall approaches. Others have also said that Zoom should be used for discussions at regularly scheduled meetings rather than last-minute calls. He supported Bayes’ amendment to prevent the union from taking any position on the recall at this time.

“We’re not telling our boss that we don’t support you.” We’ll contact you, “Menner said, referring to Newsom.

Mr. Newsom is the first Democratic Party member and has nearly adhered to trade union support. The California Labor Federation, which represents 2.1 million workers, said Tuesday, with thousands of workers dooring this summer. Announced that it will launch a campaign to combat recalls that will knock.

However, Brown, who will become the next chairman of SEIU Local 1000, ran on a platform that included opposition to Newsome, as state workers’ wage cuts exceeded 9% last year. Newsom cut workers’ wages because it estimated a huge budget deficit that didn’t happen. The state currently has $ 76 billion in additional funding, and Mr Newsom said he plans to recover salaries when the next budget year begins on July 1.

Less than 8,000 people voted in the election, which is only a small part of the union’s members. Mr Brown also embarked on a platform for unions to create a strike fund that could be used in future contract negotiations and separate it from the larger SEIU.

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The recall must go through a few more steps, including cost estimates by state authorities, before setting an election date.

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