Caitlyn Jenner talks COVID-19 pandemic, police reform and immigration in interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-05-05 23:53:11 –

From Los Angeles-Republican Caitlyn Jenner, who elicited an angry reaction from some members of the LGBTQ community in the California Governor’s campaign, said he “goes forward” when it comes to critics.

Her comments were made in a one-on-one interview with Fox News host Sean Hanity.

In a wide range of chats, Jenner used a friendly platform on the Hanity stage to take a stand on issues from immigration to forest management. She said she would reopen the state shortly after more than a year of pandemic regulation, opposed efforts to reimburse police stations, and sent funds from the state’s troubled high-speed rail project to desalination plants for more drought. He suggested that water should be supplied. Tendency.

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However, she also showed signs of a first-time candidate, sometimes stumbling upon answers, offering ramblings, or just generality. At one point she said she supported illegal immigrants, but after Hannity screamed, she corrected herself. But she also did not make the tragic mistakes that might follow her throughout the campaign.

While talking about her position as a transgender role model, Jenner lamented the high suicide rate in the community, “because I’m there to be their role model. I’m in California. I’m running for governor. Do you ever thunk it? We didn’t even have a female governor. “

But Hanity asked, “But some people are angry with you.”

Jenner shook his head and stumbled upon the first reaction. “Go ahead,” Jenner said.

Last weekend, Jenner witnessed protests from much of the transgender community after opposition to TMZ against transgender girls participating in women’s sports at school and calling it a “fairness issue.”

She hinted that she had more to say about this issue.

“I’ve just said I’m a biological boy in sports. That’s not all. I think I’ll explain more about it in the future,” she added.

During an interview conducted at Jenner’s private plane hangar near Malibu, California, she also approved the border wall, a project signed by former President Donald Trump.

“We can’t have a nation. We can’t have a country without safe walls,” Jenner said.

And she also admitted that: As someone coming from an external government, she would need advice from the trust of the minds of policy experts. In the Jenner administration, she said, “Some of the smartest people out there surround her.”

“I’m an outsider,” Jenner said. “I know that.”

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71-year-old Jenner, who won the 1976 Men’s Olympic Decathlon and became a reality check star and transgender woman decades later, announced her candidacy in a Twitter statement about two weeks ago. .. Since then, her campaign has been slow to roll out.

Prior to the interview, she posted on Twitter and posted a video and other material on her website that provided only a rough sketch of how she manages the most populous states in the country. did.

Jenner calls himself a “caring destroyer,” but he struggled when Hannity asked him to explain the phrase.

“I was thinking the other day, I think I’m a more thoughtful mess,” she said. “I have common sense.”

Her answer lacked details when she was asked if she would exclude the so-called sanctuary status of illegal immigrants. Jenner said he would maintain a sanctuary for SMEs to create jobs, but otherwise opposed and did not reveal how such a system would work.

At another point, she talked about the value of immigrants and about men who have exceeded their visas. “He is the greatest and greatest man,” Jenner said. “I will do everything he can to stay here,” he said, after which the state would work closely with the Federal Immigration Bureau to crack down on the breach.

Taping was done in a dedicated area. Malibu is known as a playground for wealthy people, with vast mansions over the Pacific Ocean. According to government statistics, there are approximately 12,000 predominantly white residents, with a median home of over $ 2 million.

Her careful steps into the campaign highlight the risks of political newcomers who can be stumbled upon by a huge number of complex subjects, from immigration to taxation and vaccine distribution.

The statements and videos released so far, including her Olympic Games and gold medal shots, appear to be intended to introduce Jenner’s story to voters who may know little about her.

Indeed, a significant portion of the interview involved Jenner’s recollection of her personal history. She touched on the fight against identity issues throughout much of her life when she decided to emerge as a woman in 2015.

“I can now be myself. I couldn’t do it before because there were too many secrets,” she said.

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Now that the Olympics are more than 40 years behind, she’s probably best known for the reality show “Kardashian Fuss” and the spin-off “I’m Kate.”

“In order for a candidate like Caitlyn Jenner to win, it must be like a layered cake. The bottom layer must be a Trump supporter,” said Stanford University, a former GOP Republican government speechwriter. Hoover Institution researcher Bill Hollen said. .. Pete Wilson.

“Where are you going to take Trump supporters? It’s easy. Sean Hannity,” Hollen said.

Jenner has become a hot topic in recent years in relation to Trump. Trump cast more than 5 million votes on Joe Biden in the state.

Jenner supported Trump in 2016, but later criticized his administration for overturning directives on transgender access to public school toilets. She also split with Trump after he said that transgender people were not allowed to serve in the US military.

The challenge she faces is overcoming what Whalen called the “gigle factor.” This is due to being a reality TV figure trying to run the country’s largest state government and the world’s fifth largest economy.

Jenner’s first television appearance will come when the expected call election candidates become more prominent. On Tuesday, Republican businessman John Cox appeared with a Kodiak bear to resume his campaign in Sacramento. Cox lost to Newsom in a 2018 landslide. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Fallconner and former House of Representatives Doug Ose are also Republicans.

The Newsom campaign called for donations prior to the interview, warning that “this is a big event for the far right. We will introduce this recall attempt to people across the country. We need to be prepared for:” ..

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Caitlyn Jenner talks COVID-19 pandemic, police reform and immigration in interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity Source link Caitlyn Jenner talks COVID-19 pandemic, police reform and immigration in interview on Fox News with Sean Hannity

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