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Sacramento, CA (AP) — Workplace regulators in California made a second reversal on Wednesday, withdrawing the controversial pending mask regulation. Tuesday’s pandemic.

The revised rules of the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Commission were adopted last week after the initial rejection, and only if all employees in the room were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus Allowed the mask to be abandoned. This contrasts with the state’s broader plan to eliminate virtually all masking and social distance requirements for vaccinated people, in line with the latest recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a target.

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By withdrawing the workplace rules before they take effect, the board of directors may consider the changes at a meeting on June 17 and put them into effect by the end of the month.

The goal of the unanimous vote is to change workplace regulations “to be consistent with the CDC and the California Public Health Service so that we are all on the same page.” We’re not in step with everyone else because that’s about this. “

Safety Commission staff were not specific about the changes recommended next week, except to try to make workplace rules more stringent in compliance with public health guidelines.

However, Eric Berg, deputy director of occupational health and safety in California, known as Cal / OSHA, said that public health guidelines generally allow anyone vaccinated to skip wearing a mask indoors. Stated. Under those rules, he said, “Vaccinated people will not need to wear masks at work.”

The reversal took place after state health director Dr. Thomas Aragon reiterated to board members at a special meeting rushed by the state next week. Finish most masking Rules for vaccinated people while continuing to require unvaccinated people to cover their faces in indoor public places and businesses.

Exceptions that must remain masked include public transport, indoor school classes, medical and correctional facilities, homeless shelters and cooling centers, Aragon said. Individual companies are also free to demand that everyone remain masked under general rules, he said.

Helen Cleary, director of the Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable, a coalition of large California businesses, was one of a number of corporate representatives requesting the board to comply with public health requirements.

“Employers can’t plan with this high level of uncertainty,” she said. “We are disappointed and dissatisfied with the confusion, lack of process, content and leadership.”

The more restrictive approach of the workplace board put Newsom in a difficult position in combating the pending call election, but he was reluctant to invalidate the appointed board. ..

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“People are not distinguishing this board from other Newsom administrations,” Michael Mylar, director of government relations at the California Winegrape Growers Association, told board members before voting. .. “They are hearing that the Newsom administration is saying that wearing masks at work may stay here.”

When 12 business groups, including the California Retailers Association, manufacturers, farmers, tourism and other industry-leading organizations, sent a letter to Newsom requesting immediate issuance of an urgent order to withdraw board restrictions. There was pressure on the board of directors.

The need for masks unless everyone at work is vaccinated “creates yet another barrier to reemployment and resumption” when “needs to provide incentives to bring people back”, they said. Said. In addition, they said that demanding masks from fully vaccinated people might convince the general public that the vaccine is not really effective.

At the meeting on Wednesday, representatives of the corporate organization repeatedly urged the board to abolish the pandemic rules altogether and rely on Cal / OSHA’s basic authority to protect workers. Employee advocates argued that the pandemic wasn’t over and that coronavirus variants pose an looming danger.

Laura Stock, director, said it’s important to continue to protect employees who go to work without making realistic choices.

For example, according to state data, the retail sector over the past 30 days “has occurred more than twice a day, 70 times,” said Stock, who directs the University of California, Berkeley occupational health and safety program. .. “The outbreak is still happening.”

The business group has also hired to begin offering the most effective N95 masks for voluntary use by employees who are not fully vaccinated at indoor or large outdoor events after July 31st. We hope that the Board will withdraw the proposal that it primarily demands. In response to the needs of healthcare professionals, they said.

But for safety, “N95 is a check of all those boxes,” Stock said.

Cal / OSHA Board regulations apply to almost every workplace in the state, including office, factory, and retail workers. The pandemic rule applies to all employees, except when there is one employee who works from home or has no contact with others.

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Even before Wednesday’s vote, board members emphasized that their revised rules were temporary, and they appointed a subcommittee to continue working on the revisions.

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