Caledonia police respond to now viral video of police interaction – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-24 21:48:25 –

Update 8:45 pm

Caledonian police have released a body camera video of the police officer in the case. They can be seen below.

Original story

Caledonia-Caledonian police launched an internal investigation on Saturday morning after a video showing a police officer interacting with two black men spread online.

The video (see below) shows an officer in the middle of a dialogue with two men sitting in the front seats of a vehicle. The video shows a policeman throwing a tied buggy into the backseat before starting to put on gloves.

Caledonian police say police were wearing his body camera during the interaction and are planning an internal review. A complete statement by the Caledonian police is below:

“All police officers assigned to patrol missions are equipped with worn cameras, and preliminary information indicates that all police officers at the scene of the incident have activated the cameras worn. In addition, the marked Caledonian police patrol vehicle is equipped with a camera mounted on the dashboard. Check out these videos as part of an internal investigation. Also, information from all officers present. I need to collect. A complete review will take some time, but I have reviewed some of the videos of the camera I’m wearing. The videos on the mobile phones in circulation are the whole encounter. Please note that it only portrays a small part. On the other hand, all available videos may provide more context. Caledonian police strongly believe in transparency. Therefore, all The video of the camera you are wearing will be available within a few days. Please wait for a while as we have a lot of information to check. Please note that we take this issue very seriously. Please be aware. “

Police have not disclosed the cause of the incident or the date the incident occurred. Police also do not indicate whether citations were distributed or arrests were made.

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