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Sacramento, CA >> California today grows from Amazon’s willingness to speed up goods Warehouse workers due to lack of quotas to prevent bathrooms and breaks under new legislation signed by Governor Gavin Newsom Became the first state to ban mega retailers from dismissing consumers faster.

The bill also prohibits Amazon, online retail giants, and similar companies from disciplining workers for complying with health and safety legislation, and sue employees to suspend unsafe quotas or revoke retaliation. Make it possible. The bill applies to all warehousing distribution centers, but supporters have been driven by Amazon’s dominance.

“We can’t allow businesses to benefit people,” Democrat Newsam said in a news release announcing that he had signed the law.

The law was enacted by Democrat Lorena Gonzalez, a lawyer and former Labor leader. She accused Amazon of disciplining warehouse workers in the direction of “algorithms” that track employee activity and determine that anything that is not directly related to package movement is “off-task.”

“Amazon is urging workers to endanger their bodies for next-day delivery, but they can’t use the toilet without fear of retaliation,” Gonzales said when Congress passed the bill. ..

Amazon did not respond to requests for comment on her law or allegations. The law gives employers in large warehouses 30 days to disclose their quotas to their employees.

Workers who believe that quotas lead to unsafe behavior can request 90 days’ worth of documentation on how speed of work meets or fails quotas. The 90-day disciplinary action is presumed to be retaliation, as does the 90-day disciplinary action after an employee complains to a company or state agency about an insecure allocation.

Gonzalez cites reports from several labor advocacy groups, including the Warehouse Worker Resource Center and Strategic Organizing Center, arguing that Amazon employees are far more likely to be seriously injured than employees working in other warehouses. bottom.

California workplace regulators need to consider investigating under her bill whether the annual employee injury rate for a workplace or employer is at least 1.5 times the average annual injury rate for the warehousing industry. I have.

Yesenia Valera, a former warehouse employee and now the organizer of the Warehouse Workers Resource Center, recalled the constant pressure of “carrying, bending, reaching, twisting and packing items for £ 30-60 a day.” ..

However, 27 corporate organizations, led by the California Retailers Association, oppose that California has thousands of warehouse distribution centers that “provide quality work to hundreds of thousands of working-class Californians.” bottom.

A group of lawmakers quoted data from the US Department of Labor that wages in the transportation and warehousing sectors rose by more than 17% last year.

Amazon alone says it employs more than 150,000 Californians, including dozens of “fulfillment centers.”

The law is “burdening and unnecessarily extensive,” the business group said, arguing that workers are protected by existing occupational safety standards. Retaliation protection “makes it more costly and difficult to work for unprofitable employees,” while the increased cost of warehouses “is passed on to consumers and further in putting goods on store shelves.” Create challenges. “

According to the Los Angeles County Labor Union, which co-sponsored the bill, California warehouse workers are imbalanced by 54% Latino and 9.5% black.

They also claimed that they had fewer work options, were more likely to suffer during a coronavirus pandemic, increased consumer reliance on online shopping, and increased retailers’ profits.

California becomes 1st state to pass law targeting Amazon’s labor practices Source link California becomes 1st state to pass law targeting Amazon’s labor practices

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