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Santa Ana, CA (AP) — A man accused of firing Southern California Church Congregation Due to his political hatred of Taiwan, he called himself a “destroying angel” in a seven-volume diary sent to the newspaper before the attack, the newspaper said Wednesday.

Published by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, May 16, 2022, this photo is David Chou. Officials said Chow, the shooter of Sunday’s deadly attack at a church in Southern California, was a Chinese immigrant motivated by hatred of Taiwanese. Chow was booked for one attempted murder and five attempted murders. (Orange County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

According to a photo published in Chinese paper, 68-year-old David Chou spends $ 16.10 on seven thick copy volumes of handwritten Chinese text and a flash drive at the Sekai Nippo office in Monterey Park, a suburb of Los Angeles. I mailed it to the office.

According to the newspaper, this page is titled “The Diary of an Angel Destroying Independence” and seems to refer to Taiwan’s autonomy.Chinese Communist Party Demands that Taiwan reunify with China.

The diary page was received by the Daily Mail the following Monday, the day after authorities said the butterflies had fired at an elderly parishioner’s lunch in Irvine. Taiwan Presbyterian Church In the Laguna Woods community.

The newspaper did not report the contents of the diary and was not named because no one seemed to read through the diary before sending it to the police through a paper lawyer because he was not allowed to speak openly. The employee said.

The newspaper lawyer, however, said Orange County Register At the end of Wednesday, documents were handed to him at the end of Tuesday, and he still had them.

West Covina lawyer Maxwell Lin said he would share documents with law enforcement when he received the subpoena.

“We’re not going to withhold anything,” Lynn told the register.

Lynn could not confirm the reported title.

“The document speaks for itself, but how you call it depends on the reporter’s interpretation,” said Lin, who hasn’t read the paper completely.

“Over time, the importance of the dissertation becomes apparent,” Lin told the register.

Investigators were aware of reports that the journal was sent to the newspaper, according to Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Cary Brown.

The shooting killed one person and injured five. If convicted of attempted murder and attempted murder, the butterfly may face life imprisonment or the death penalty. He had not yet entered his plea and remained imprisoned in Orange County without bail until the June 10 prosecution.

District attorney Todd Spitzer states that he was motivated by the hatred of Taiwan, which was born after the family was expelled from mainland China when the Communists won in the civil war that ended in 1949. Officials say he knows someone there before he drives from Las Vegas to California on Saturday.

According to officials, Chow attended a church service in honor of the former minister before attending the luncheon, where he mixed with the parishioners for about 40 minutes, then chained, closed the exit door, and fired. Was released.

When a shooting happens Dr. John Chen, 52, charged Chow Although shot, officials said he could have thwarted the attack and saved dozens of lives.

After that, former minister Billy Chan picked up the chair and threw it at the butterfly that had fallen to the floor. Chan said he hurried to the butterfly and several members of the congregation held it down and tied it up.

Authorities said the butterflies were armed with two legally purchased 9 mm pistols, a hidden bag to hold ammunition, and four Morotov cocktail-style devices in the church hall where the luncheon was held. rice field.

The injured were between 66 and 92 years old and were expected to survive.

The shooting shook the Taiwanese community in Southern California.

“I’m starting to worry about our people,” Dr. Simon Lin, leader of the Taiwan Center Foundation in Los Angeles, said at a news conference. “Taiwan Center is very friendly. It’s open to the public. We never check your background.”

He added that the small community center lacks the budget to hire full-time security.

Louis M. Huang, director of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Los Angeles, said he was confident in US law enforcement agencies to carry out the investigation and would provide justice.

He called on Taiwanese-Americans to respect their disagreements, but said that no one had the right to infringe on the rights of others or kill someone.

He urged members of the community to report to the police if they saw anything related to them.

“Don’t shut up,” he said.

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