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Sacramento, CA–California will fully reopen within two weeks, virtually eliminating all mask and social distance requirements for vaccinated people, but those who regulate the state’s workplace I’m not ready to go that far. Business groups are upset.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Committee meets on Thursday to consider new workplace rules that allow workers not to wear masks only if everyone in the room is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. I will. The number of cases of coronavirus has dropped dramatically as more people have been vaccinated after the severe winter surge, but the rules may apply until early next year.

According to recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, fully vaccinated individuals will be able to skip covering and distance in almost all situations, and the state will begin on June 15th. It is set to follow the recommendations.

However, state safety commission staff said conditions vary from worker to worker, and even vaccinated employees remain in masks unless everyone else in the workplace is vaccinated. I am proposing the rule.

California Mask Mandatory: What Will Change on June 15th If You Need to Continue to Wear Masks

Helen Cleary, director of the Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable, a coalition of large corporations, called Cal / OSHA’s proposal “illegal”, calling staff not following federal and state health authorities’ guidelines “surprisingly.” It was expressed as “public policy.” “

The California Chamber of Commerce is also upset.

“If you’re fully vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask indoors or outdoors (as recommended by the CDC). That’s science!” Alan Zallenberg, President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement. He said: “Under these (proposed Cal / OSHA) rules, workers’ freedom is controlled by their colleagues’ decision to be vaccinated, not by their own choice.”

This set “inconsistent standards” between the general public and employees, and the Chamber of Commerce and more than 50 other corporate organizations stated in a letter to the board of directors.

“Since June 15, people who have been vaccinated can go to most public places without wearing a mask, even if there are other people who have not been vaccinated,” they said. Wrote. “But employees vaccinated in the same place must wear a mask.”
Los Angeles County suggests meeting California standards on June 15.

Barbara Feller of the Los Angeles County Public Health Department said, “People who have not yet been vaccinated, including children under the age of 12, continue to wear masks when they are within 6 feet of their non-living. Must be “Director. “Especially pay attention to wearing masks when indoors. By clarifying that if you are not vaccinated, you need to continue to protect yourself and others, the state will do it. I think we’ll do it together. I haven’t been vaccinated. “

The Cal / OSHA regulations being considered by the Board apply to almost every workplace in the state. The pandemic rule applies to all employees, except when they work from home or have one employee who is not in contact with others.

“As of June 15, 2021, most California employees remain unvaccinated,” the staff said in a recommendation. “Due to changes in social norms, we are fully vaccinated. These precautions can be reduced, even among unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people, as mask wear and physical distance are reduced among those who have been vaccinated. “

However, staff reasoned that unvaccinated employees would continue to be at risk, especially from the more contagious variants of the coronavirus.

The corporate group is upset that the staff did not relax the masking recommendations during the two-week delay as the board postponed the review while the staff was reviewing the CDC guidelines.

“I’m a little wondering why they didn’t do much more,” said the director of employment policy at the California Department of Agriculture, which participates in more than 30 agribusiness organizations that oppose the proposed rules. Brian Little said. “I think that’s their unreasonable expectation.”

California health officials said Thursday that more than 17.4 million of the nearly 40 million inhabitants were fully vaccinated and the virus positive rate dropped to 0.8%.

However, at the final hearing of the board, worker advocates said regulators needed to continue to protect vulnerable employees, but board members said the next surge and sudden virus He said he tended to maintain protective measures for fear of the emergence of mutations.

Employers’ organizations have also been working at large indoor or outdoor events since July 31st, with the most effective N95 masks for voluntary use by fully unvaccinated employees. I am critical of the proposed rules that require it to be provided.

To do this, employers need to track workers’ vaccination status, compete with healthcare professionals, and stockpile masks as the state’s wildfire season heats up.

However, Cal / OSHA staff said the proposed rules would “significantly reduce the number of COVID-19-related illnesses, disabilities and deaths in the California workforce.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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