California Gov. Newsom pardons Sara Kruzan sentenced for killing her pimp as a teen – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2022-07-02 19:53:20 –

Sacramento, California-Governor of California Gavin Newsom On Friday, she forgave a former prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment when she was a teenager because she killed her former pimp.

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This is the final stage of official redemption across the three governors of both parties for over a decade.

She was in almost 30 such amnesty and amnesty on Friday, which also affected older and younger criminals. They included 82-year-old Henry Paknowski, born of Polish parents who were later imprisoned in the Nazi concentration camps of World War II.

Sarah Kurzan was 16 when she killed George Gilbert Howard in a motel room on the riverside. She was 17 when she was sentenced to death in prison for the murder of a man who said she had been sexually abused since she was 13 years old in 1994.

She had been in prison for 18 years until Gob, then Newsom’s predecessor. Jerry Brown approved her release in 2013.

Brown’s predecessor, Gob at the time. Arnold Schwarzenegger sentenced him to life imprisonment with possible parole shortly before resigning in early 2011.

By that time, Kurzan had been a cause for state legislators and reform groups trying to ease the severe life imprisonment of those who committed crimes as boys.

Democratic senator Leland Yee, who was later put in jail for corruption, described her case as “an adult who failed her, a perfect example of society failing her. You stalk her. There was a predator who raped and forced him. It was a prostitution and there was no one around. “

Newsom said in his forgiveness that Kurzan had shown that she “lived an upright life” ever since.

Since the murder, he said she “changed her life and devoted herself to community services.” According to Newsom, her amnesty does not minimize her crimes or the damage they caused, but she “acknowledges her work she did to transform herself. “There is,” she said.

Kurzan was one of the 17 amnesty announced on Friday.

The amnesty does not eradicate or eradicate the conviction, but it may help slow down the protracted impact on the recipient’s life, the Governor’s Office said. For example, the other three he allowed face the possibility of deportation based on their criminal record, including those who have already been deported.

Newsam also commuted 15 current prisoners and granted amnesty to prisoners at high medical risk.

Commutation gives prisoners the opportunity to appear before the parole committee to determine if they are suitable for release.

One of the prisoners’ reductions in Darnell Green was based on his extraordinary behavior in prison after being first sentenced to injuring no one in a 1997 armed robbery. Recommended by the Orthodontic Secretary.

The other two, whose sentences were reduced, worked as firefighters for prisoners.

Newsam commuted one prisoner arrested at the age of 15 and another prisoner now 78.

Newsom also pardoned 82-year-old Paknowski, who now lives in Maryland. He was found guilty of misdemeanor in 1967 for seeking lewd acts in Orange County and sentenced to 10 days in prison and 3 years in probation.

In an amnesty application, Paknowski agreed with another man in a car in a secluded industrial area when he was caught by a guard who said, “We were against God and nature.” Said he had. He said he pleaded guilty to avoid being charged with more serious charges of “paraphilia.”

“The amnesty not only recognizes and corrects the injustice I suffered from being convicted of being targeted for sexuality, but also of future employment and housing-related disabilities resulting from this conviction. We also guarantee that you will not face any obstacles, “he said in the application.

In his forgiveness, the governor guilty of Paknovsky “punishing men for engaging in adult sexual activity under agreement with other men and criminalizing them on the basis of stigma, prejudice, and ignorance.” He was convicted and said he was convicted.

“By this act of amnesty, I admit the inherent injustice of the conviction,” he wrote.

Newsom currently has 129 amnesty, 123 commutation and 35 grace.

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California Gov. Newsom pardons Sara Kruzan sentenced for killing her pimp as a teen Source link California Gov. Newsom pardons Sara Kruzan sentenced for killing her pimp as a teen

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