California is immediately allowing residents 65 and older to get scarce coronavirus vaccines – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-01-13 15:48:53 –

Sacramento, California-California immediately allows residents over the age of 65 to be vaccinated against the rare coronavirus vaccine, Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday.

The move will line the elderly in front of rescue workers, teachers, childcare providers, food and agricultural workers, even though the county has already complained that there are not enough doses.

CA COVID-19 VACCINE TRACKER: State status when coronavirus vaccine is available

“The priority is not as high as distributing these vaccines to those facing the most serious consequences as quickly, efficiently and fairly as possible,” Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement. We’re doing everything we can to bring more vaccines to the state. “

Healthcare workers, nursing homes and other people in collective living facilities are still vaccinated, but state officials are expanding the program to 65 and older because of the highest risk of hospitalization and death.

In California, virus cases and hospitalizations have exploded since Thanksgiving, but these days have leveled off.

“Our hospitals are crowded and the ICU is full, so we need to focus on vaccination of Californians at the highest risk of hospitalization to reduce stress on our health care facilities. There is a state public health officer. Prioritizing individuals over the age of 65 reduces hospitalization and saves lives. “

The move follows a recommendation from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday. But after a member of the state advisory board on Tuesday worried that adding older people would inevitably delay the vaccination of others.

Anthony Wright, secretary-general of the consumer health advocacy group Health Access California, said he generally preferred to move to vaccination of the elderly, the group most likely to be hospitalized and die of the coronavirus. It was. But he was one of those who said expansion could put additional strain on the state’s already delayed deployment of rare vaccines.

“This is a very difficult conversation about trade-offs,” he said.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, a California surgeon who co-chairs the panel, said aging has not abandoned its commitment to those already vaccinated. We are working together to solve multiple issues at the same time. “

Newsom also announced a new system to let people know if they are eligible for the vaccine, starting next week.

If the resident is not yet qualified, the system will allow them to register for text or email notifications when they are qualified.

The second phase of the system will support counties and cities that have launched mass vaccination centers at sports stadiums and trade fairs by allowing qualified civilians to schedule appointments for mass vaccination events. ..

Last week, Newsom set a goal of giving one million doses by Friday. This is more than about 480,000 doses administered by last week.

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California is immediately allowing residents 65 and older to get scarce coronavirus vaccines Source link California is immediately allowing residents 65 and older to get scarce coronavirus vaccines

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