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San Diego (KSWB)-husband of Maya Milete In the months leading up to her disappearance, she was “desperate, desperate, and disproportionate,” the main investigator said in the most detail of Larry Milete’s actions before her. I am writing an explanation. Suspicion of murder..

Larry Milete Arrested On Tuesday in the suburbs of San Diego 9-month high-profile survey.. A detailed description of him can be found in the affidavit from Detective Jesse Vicente, a 15-year veteran of the Chula Vista Police Department who works for the Violent Crime Unit.

The detective’s account focuses on the idea that attempts to maintain Larry’s marriage have become an increasingly aggressive obsession. Officials say Maya, who also went by “May,” was having an affair and wanted a divorce, but “Larry decided to stop her.”

of Submission to court When Some text exchange Larry and his lawyer have denied cheating and accused police, the media and Maya’s family of mistreating him at KSWB in recent months.

Investigators say they have found signs that the couple’s marriage dates back to at least September 2020. At that time, Larry became “more and more obsessed with May activities and communication with others.”

Larry became “more and more paranoid,” the detective wrote, and family and friends described him as “dominant” or “stalker-like.” It included a visit to Maya’s work and arrived at the Pentagon’s office “to see if she had met another man,” Vicente wrote.

Investigators have found that Larry’s internet activities are also focused on dominating Maya in marriage. This included more mundane searches such as “I don’t want my wife to touch me” and articles about maintaining relationships. However, according to investigators, the investigation turned to violence and showed “homicidal ideation.”

Researchers have searched for a variety of drugs that can be used to incapacitate people, including “plants to keep you awake,” “docuta virosa,” and the known “date rape” drug Rohypnol. Found.

There was also a “spell caster”. This is the first revelation revealed. Press conference Held by authorities on the day of Larry’s arrest. According to officials, the husband was in repeated contact with various companies offering “spells” online. Called psychics and spirit channelers, in May he sold a rally spell that he could “cast.”

According to Vicente, the magic was initially aimed at making Larry’s wife obey him or make him fall in love. But in the end, Milete wrote, “It’s time to take off your gloves.”

“Email has become more and more panicked,” says Vicente, explaining the spells Larry bought to do so badly that he couldn’t rely on Maya to leave. For example, on a family trip to ride a dirt bike, Larry seemed to demand a curse that caused his wife to crash and get stuck at rest, investigators say.

According to the affidavit, “Can you hex to hurt her so much that she has to rely on me and need my help,” Larry wrote in an email. “She is kind to me only when she needs me or is ill.”

In January 2021, when Larry learned that his wife was serious about divorcing, “Larry was becoming more and more desperate,” Vicente said. “She wants me to snap,” he wrote in an email, according to the detective. “I’m ready to snap and I’m shaking inside.”

Investigators said the proceedings were based on evidence that Larry was obsessed with his wife online, but a sudden withdrawal from the activity was also provided as an important clue. From January 9th, the day after his wife disappeared, “the focus of the rally will shift.”

“He sent an email until early February, asking Mei to punish the man he had a relationship with,” the detective said. “As of January 9, Larry has no more spells or’hexes’ directed towards May, and no more demands for support for a collapsing marriage. “

“When Larry’s desperate begging and intimidation couldn’t stop Mei from seeking a divorce, the idea of ​​losing his family was immeasurable to him,” Vicente wrote. The evidence contained in the affidavit later concludes that it “provides a cause that Larry may believe is responsible for causing May’s death.”

California man hired ‘spellcasters’ to hex wife before she disappeared, affidavit says Source link California man hired ‘spellcasters’ to hex wife before she disappeared, affidavit says

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