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Oakland, CA (AP) — Court filing reveals that Air Force Sergeant, accused of killing two law enforcement officers in California last year, is part of a right-wing militia known as the Grizzly Scout. I am.

According to the document, the suspect Stephen Carrillo, 32, was not a single actor, but a member of an anti-government group preparing for a more deadly attack.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that the militia trained firearms, scouted protests, and presented conditions for a “war” against police. The filings were submitted in a case involving four other Scout members, including the leader.

They have been accused of destroying evidence related to last year’s murder. Carrillo claims innocence.

Carrillo was the team leader of Phoenix Ravens at Travis Air Force Base, 50 miles (81 km) northeast of San Francisco, and was part of the 60th Security Force. According to the Air Force, Phoenix Ravens is tasked with protecting aircraft and crew from attacks on airfields that are “unsafe or require additional security to counter local threats.”

Carrillo’s wife, Monica Lee Scott Carrillo, was also in the Air Force, but was found dead in an off-base hotel when she was stationed in South Carolina in May 2018. She was 30 years old. According to the Air Force, her death was determined to be suicide.

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On June 6, 2020, lawmakers responded to 119 about a suspicious van in Ben Romond, an unincorporated area near Santa Cruz. The caller said the gun and bomb-making equipment were inside, said Sheriff Jim Hart.

When the deputy arrived, the van stopped and was followed by the deputy. The van passed through the driveway of the house, and lawmakers were hit by shootings and explosives after getting out of the car.

Gutswiller was injured and subsequently died in the hospital. Another lawmaker was injured in shootings and shrapnel and was hit by a van when the suspect fled, officials said. Hart said a third officer on the California Highway Patrol was shot in his hand.

Carrillo then attempted carjacking and was shot dead during his arrest, Hart said. He was being treated at the hospital but survived. The injured agent was listed in a stable condition on Sunday.

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