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Santa Rosa, CA-Keely Aguilar spends the mornings and nights on the phone, computer, and social media, doing whatever she can to find the specific milk powder she needs for her 11-year-old daughter Natalya.

Her daughter suffers from a very rare illness called Bainbridge Roper Syndrome that affects all aspects of her cognitive and developmental abilities, including the digestive system. She can’t eat food or even process much of the common formula found in grocery stores.So Aguilar Turned to Facebook and InstagramHope it could help others find the specific formula she needs.

But in doing so, she said she was the victim of fraud.

“There were some great people, such as colleagues and friends who went up and down to make personal orders on Amazon. Now I have one friend who is procuring it from Mexico for us.” And Aguilar, a single mom and owner of a small business I told KGO-TV, a sister station in San Francisco... “I also had people who are scammers reach out.”

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Aguilar said After her story was shared online, She received some messages from people who wanted to help. Among them, she offered to sell infant formula for $ 250.

“I thought I was due diligence in asking a lot of questions. I asked for a photo and asked for the expiration date of the can. She all had the right answer,” Aguilar said. explained. “So I sent the money, and then her profile on Facebook disappeared.”

She has not received the ceremony.

Since then, Aguilar believes he has been contacted by others who are attempting similar scams.

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“It’s shocking for people to prey on this part of our population,” she said. “It’s definitely disappointing because these are the most vulnerable people we have and our families are already struggling every day.”

This scam is another setback for Aguilar, who has already spent thousands of dollars from his pocket to buy Natalia’s prescription, which is usually covered by insurance.she New emergency transport of infant formula It’s landing in the United States this week, she feels lost and at a loss.

“It was an absolute nightmare,” she said. “We will do this until these formulas are back in stock at the supplier and we can resume regular shipments.”

KGO-TV has contacted the White House representative and California State Legislature member Mike Thompson. Both said they shared Aguilar’s story with the Department of Health and Social Welfare.

“Families across the country feel the burden of infant formula shortages, and parents like Keeley Aguilar, who lives in Santa Rosa, can’t find the formula they need to survive,” Thompson said in a statement. I’m in pain. ” .. “I contacted the Department of Health and Human Services to find the formula that Keeley’s daughter needed. We will continue to contact the government regarding the recent shipment of the Operation Fly Formula.”

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However, Aguilar has lost patience.

The prescription required by Natalia is Neocane Junior or Pramino Junior. Neither is included in the emergency transport.

According to the White House, the shipment includes Alphamino, which is considered a viable alternative. Aguilar said he would try it.

In any case, she sees the charter ship as a bigger problem band-aid. What is her long-term solution? Reopen the closed Abbott milk powder factory.

“Now we really need to get people to advocate reopening the plant,” she said. “And know what our officials are trying to do to ensure that the formula is in the hands of those who really need it.”

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California mom scammed over medical grade formula for 11-year-old with rare disease amid shortage Source link California mom scammed over medical grade formula for 11-year-old with rare disease amid shortage

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