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Santee, CA (KSWB) – 2 days after the plane Crashed from the sky Standing near the wreckage of a recently purchased home by a newlyweds in a neighborhood in the San Diego area, they tried to understand the tragedy of the last 48 hours.

When the twin-engine Cessna collided with Santi’s residential area on Monday afternoon, it was Doctor operating an aircraft When UPS driver with a truck struck..The plane was also destroyed Two family homes.. For beginners Cody and Courtney Campbell, it was the home they had just settled in.

“Your mind will experience all the different things that can happen, all the” assumptions “and all the other scenarios. Instead, I am very grateful to be standing here today. “Courtney said on Wednesday.

“We were both working. We received a lot of phone calls and a lot of text messages. We got back from work as soon as possible,” says Cody.

They noticed that the one-story houses were decimated. Despite the firefighters’ efforts to contain the flames, the crash was barely standing.

The site was fenced on Wednesday as transportation officials closed the field investigation and neighbors and news vans were scattered in the suburbs. In the face of difficult reconstruction, the couple immediately mentioned others affected by the crash, especially the pair who lost their lives.

“Steve, UPS drivers, pilots … I can’t imagine their loved ones, the feelings they’re experiencing right now,” Courtney said.Campbells added that they are paying attention to their recovery Neighbors Phil and Maria Morris, The house was also burned when it was attacked. They lost their beloved family dog, but the couple is expected to recover completely.

Cody and Courtney said they were impressed with the selflessness and care they received from their neighbors, starting with their heroism shortly after the plane crashed. Immediately after the plane got off, residents rushed to help Morris through the back window. Miserable rescue captured in the video..

Campbell later learned that his neighbors were also desperately rushing to the burning house for fear of needing help. Cody’s best friend lived on the street and was able to get rid of them and confirmed that the pair was working.

Another proof of close neighborhood: Delivery driver Steve Kluger was on a first name base with neighbors above and below the block.

“We didn’t really know the UPS driver like everyone else because we’re not used to the neighborhood, but everyone knew Steve from his route and said he was always here. First, our thoughts are directed at his family, “Cody said.

neighbor I planned a candlelight vigil Near the crash site to honor Kluger on Thursday.

They only moved to a new home in May – The same month they got married – Cody and Courtney have roots in Santi, where they grew up and attended high school. They said they weren’t surprised to see the community gather around all the people affected by the crash.

Two GoFundMe accounts, One for Courtney and Cody When One for Morris, Helping to raise money for my family. As of Wednesday afternoon, the contributor donated $ 37,000 to help the young couple.

Even with that help, it’s a long way to change the course of life that Campbell is building with.

“We’re still trying to figure it out. We’re still trying to handle everything that happened,” Courtney said. “From point” A “to” Z “, I don’t know if there is such a book. But we want to understand it with the help of friends, family, colleagues and the community. “

California newlyweds lose first home to plane crash just months after moving in Source link California newlyweds lose first home to plane crash just months after moving in

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