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Governor Gavin Newsom warned that the outcome of the contest could shape the country’s direction on pandemics, reproductive rights and the fight to slow climate change. The campaign to continue working at has ended.

Democrats who defeated Republican President Donald Trump within a year could have disastrous consequences if the 2020 race-defining issue revives in California and Newsome is removed in an election ending on Tuesday. He said he had sex.

Talking to hundreds of supporters at a twilight rally on Long Beach, Biden called Republican candidate Larry Elder a “Donald Trump clone.”

“Can you imagine him being the governor of this state?” Biden asked when the crowd replied, shouting “No, no!”.

“We can’t do that. Too often, we’re in danger,” said the Democratic president.

“People’s eyes are in California,” he warned. Recall election is to “resonate nationwide and … all over the world.”

The outcome of the race, which requires a majority vote for Newsom to continue working, could affect mid-2022, when parliamentary rule regains power and the party that controls the White House historically loses seats. there is. They were able to determine how prominent the Democratic Party was campaigning for the COVID-19 restriction, which many Republicans accused of being unnecessary and overly burdensome.

Biden, who had a lot of influence on the results, was the last directly or on the prominent list of Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Vermont, Bernie Sanders, former President Barack Obama, and Senator Massachusetts. I appeared in the advertisement as a cameo. Elizabeth Warren.

Newsom’s expulsion is highly democratic, with the party controlling all offices throughout the state, controlling the state legislature and parliamentary delegations, and holding a nearly 2: 1 advantage among registered voters. It will be an amazing rebuke in California. Less than three years ago, he was elected for a landslide victory.

Biden’s visit during the decline of the race was intended as a final effort to motivate more than 10 million Democratic voters in the state. Meanwhile, Newsom’s adviser expressed increased confidence that the governor would survive efforts to absent him more than a year before the end of his first term. The campaign brought together 25,000 volunteers on the streets over the weekend, sending 31 million text messages to voters.

Recent polls have shown that Newsome has the upper hand to save work.

“There is no scenario to lose tomorrow,” said Sean Craig, a strategist at Newsom.

The elder staged his climax rally in a nearby Orange County, where he urged his supporters to reach out to friends and neighbors and vote for them. Republicans will need turnout on heroic election days to catch Democrats submitting large numbers of postal ballots. Almost 8 million Californians have already cast ballots by mail.

“Get your friends to vote, vote, get them to vote, get 10 more friends to vote, make all the calls, make all the calls, knock all the doors. Vote. Once the vote is decided, we will win this award. “The elder said from the hotel banquet hall in Costa Mesa.

California Republican Chairman Jessica Milan Patterson said Biden was “confused and insulted” at a political event while some Californians were stuck in Afghanistan.

“It is clear that protecting the people they choose to serve is second only to politics,” she said in a statement.

Newsom has sought to nationalize the race, but Republicans have relentlessly criticized him for tax increases, unidentified homelessness crises, rising crime rates, and home prices that many working class people can’t afford. doing. The recall gained momentum primarily from frustration with Newsom’s COVID-19 restrictions, which closed schools and businesses and cost millions of jobs.

“There is no front line I can think of where this guy did a good job-neither school nor homeless, nor how he shuts down the state,” the elder said on Monday.

Voters have been asked two questions: should Newsom be recalled, yes or no, and who should replace him if he is banished? If the majority of voters support Newsom’s retention, the outcome of the second question is irrelevant.

Recently, elders have suggested that the outcome of recall elections could be distorted by unspecified “Shenanigan”, reflecting Trump’s unfounded allegations of fraudulent voting in the 2020 race with Biden. increase.

There is no confirmed evidence of widespread fraud. Elder’s campaign website links to a “Stop CA Scam” site where people can sign a petition requesting a special legislative meeting to investigate “twisted results” long before the results are announced. .. “Examples of undocumented ballots were found before the election date of September 14th,” he said.

“We all want all the right votes to be counted,” said In Mar, a spokeswoman for the Elders Campaign, who was asked to provide evidence of suspicious voting activity.

Prior to the rally, Biden toured the wildfires of Northern California. He praised Newsome’s leadership in responding to climate change. This contributes to the larger and more devastating wildfires in California. Elders and Republicans say Democratic leaders have failed to properly manage California’s forests, leaving more fuel to burn out.

Other prominent candidates for the race are Republican Kevin Faulconer, Kevin Kylie, Caitlyn Jenner, John Cox, and Democratic Kevin Pafras.

Newsom is the fourth governor in US history and faces the second recall in California. Californians dismissed Democratic Governor Gray Davis in 2003 and replaced it with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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California recall: Governor Gavin Newsom faces Election Day as voters hit the polls Source link California recall: Governor Gavin Newsom faces Election Day as voters hit the polls

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