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Fresno, California (KFSN)-Governor Gavin Newsom says California workers will soon be able to stop wearing masks.

Newsum said on Monday that the state “complies with the guidelines (of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).”

These guidelines will allow vaccinated workers to stop wearing masks and reduce social distance. Unvaccinated people should wear a mask when working indoors or in the car.

Cal / OSHA must formally adopt these rules at the next meeting on June 17th. Newsam then said he would sign an executive order to put these rules into effect immediately, avoiding the usual 10-day review of administrative law. The effective date would have been postponed to June 28th.

“If we take action highlighted on Friday, we will codify it with an executive order to clarify it on the 17th to disambiguate it,” Newsom said.

This is the latest news update. Our original story is as follows.

California will officially resume its economy on June 15. Companies in the state have been functioning for over a year under some form of pandemic restrictions, such as wearing masks, social distance rules, and capacity limits.

There is still confusion about what companies and their employees have to do in the workplace. We analyzed what rules companies can expect to change from Tuesday and the rules that are still in place.

Masking guidelines

On Tuesday, California-wide mask guidelines will be relaxed for fully vaccinated people.

in accordance with Guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionFully vaccinated Californians can throw away their face coverings outdoors in most indoor environments, such as grocery shopping, bar drinking, or moving to the gym.

But for now, it’s not included in the workplace.

Relation: You will still need to wear a mask here after California reopens on June 15.

Employees must wear face masks, whether vaccinated or not, but the California Occupational Health and Safety Standards Board (Cal / OSHA) will create new guidelines after saying they will throw them out. .. Previously approved rules This allowed workers to stop wearing face masks only if room employees were vaccinated.

Last week, Cal / OSHA officials released some new draft guidelines. If passed, these workplace protocols are in line with California’s general rules for wearing facial coverings. This means that fully vaccinated employees no longer need to wear masks at work.

Unvaccinated staff still need to wear face masks, just as other unvaccinated people in the state need to do it in a public indoor environment.

Cal / OSHA will discuss the COVID guidelines on Thursday, June 17th.

Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday he was confident that state workplace regulators would soon be in line with California’s plans.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rais Vohra, Interim Officer of the Fresno County Public Health Service, said, “If you are bound by rules and regulations through OSHA, you need to actually consider the rules of OSHA.”

Newsam said he hopes to take administrative steps to enable workplace regulation before a typical 10-day review of administrative law.

Goodbye capacity limit and physical distance

On Tuesday, California will expire its color-coded reopening hierarchical system from 12:00 am, allowing businesses to withdraw social distance rules and capacity limits.

Pandemic restaurants, bars, gyms and many more industries will once again be able to fill the space with customers.

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Mega-events such as sports games and large concerts are the only events to which the COVID-19 restrictions apply after June 15th.

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California reopening: Gov. Newsom says vaccinated workers won’t have to wear masks after June 17 Source link California reopening: Gov. Newsom says vaccinated workers won’t have to wear masks after June 17

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