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Sacramento, California 2021-05-03 23:04:01 –

Los Angeles (AP) —California Senator Alex Padilla said on Monday that he would propose a significant increase in government protection for public lands and rivers, fight climate change and protect natural treasures for the next generation. ..

His proposal aims to combine three bills already passed in the House of Representatives to take advantage of Washington’s Democratic inclination, which is more welcoming to environmental protection compared to the Republican Trump administration. Overall, it expands the protection of over one million acres of California’s public lands.

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A Democratic senator spoke outdoors in Irwindale, a suburb of Los Angeles, against the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, protecting open spaces and “keeping them as wild and untouched as possible for future generations to enjoy.” ..

In addition, protecting public land will help fight global warming, he said. It also advances California’s goal of protecting more open space from development.

According to his office, the proposal is to designate nearly 600,000 acres of new wilderness, more than 583 miles of new wild scenic rivers, and expand existing national monuments by more than 100,000 acres.

In a statement, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who co-sponsors the bill, said, “Given climate change, population growth and the challenge of flora and fauna, protecting these special places is even more important. It’s important. “

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The Senate proposal is a combination of provisions from three bills from the House of Representatives.

— The Wilderness, Recreation, and Working Forest Act of northwestern California protects approximately 262,000 acres of public land as wilderness and designates 379 miles of new wild and scenic rivers. It also includes provisions for restoring forests and fish habitats and purifying lands and streams damaged by illegal marijuana cultivation, and federal agencies develop wildfire management plans with communities. is needed.

— In its provisions, the Central Coast Heritage Conservation Act designates approximately 288,000 acres of public land in Los Padres National Forest and Cariso Plain National Monument as wilderness and approximately 159 miles of streams as wild scenic rivers. And establish a length of 400 miles. The Condor National Trails from Los Angeles to Monterey County.

-The San Gabriel Mountains Hills and River Conservation Act expands the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument by more than 109,000 acres, includes the western Angels National Forest, and is a national retreat along the San Gabriel Valley hills and the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel Rivers. The land is established. Corridor. The bill designates more than 30,000 acres of wilderness and more than 45 miles of wild and scenic rivers throughout the San Gabriel Mountains.

The bill faced Republican opposition in the House of Representatives, and critics said they would sacrifice work. The future of Padilla’s proposal in the tightly divided Senate is unclear.

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Padilla, who was appointed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in January to vacant seats by Vice President Kamala Harris, also said some of the plans would make crowded urban areas more accessible to rugged outdoors. In expanding the protection of open spaces, “we must do so in a way that reverses racial and economic disparities in access to nature and parks,” he said in a statement.

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