California surpasses New York as the epicenter of the US Covid crisis

California has overtaken New York as the state of the United States with the highest number of coronavirus deaths during a pandemic. This reflects the impact of the one-month surge in cases and hospitalizations.

On Saturday, California’s health department returned an additional 669 deaths to the coronavirus. And it took the total number of confirmed deaths in the most populous US states to 32,960. According to state data, New York’s overall death toll reached 32,725 after an additional 157 deaths were reported in the past day.

New York has been ranked number one in coronavirus deaths since late March, with the northeastern states recording most of the deaths in the early stages of the most devastating pandemic. But California has experienced the worst crisis in the last two months. The situation is particularly dire in Los Angeles, as it became the first county in the United States to exceed more than one million cases on Saturday since the pandemic began.

Following a record surge in emergency and medical resource shortage cases and hospitalizations, California recorded 6,989 coronavirus deaths so far in January, surpassing 6,760 in December and pandemic. It was the worst month.

According to the latest Covid Tracking Project data on Friday, the United States has confirmed 383,130 coronavirus deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic. Given an average of about 3,300 deaths a day last week, presidential election Joe Biden will take over control of a pandemic that kills more than 400,000 Americans by the time he takes office on January 20. It is supposed to be.

Mr Biden promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans during his first 100-day tenure on Friday. The president-elect will mobilize the Federal Emergency Management Agency to increase vaccination sites, enact the Defense Production Act to increase vaccine supply, and jab new workers as part of five plans to reach goals. Said to train to administer. ..

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the 31.1 million vaccine doses distributed in the United States, approximately 10.6 million Americans receive at least one dose.

Efforts to accelerate vaccine deployment across the United States can be complicated by various state approaches and imminent supply bottlenecks, according to health experts. Recently, New York leaders have been tackling these issues. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that “the vaccine will run out at some point next week unless we receive a major new supply,” and Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday that the state’s dose allocation from the federal government He said it was going to decrease. From the previous 300,000 to 250,00 next week.

The race to vaccinate more Americans and contain the pandemic also faces another potential challenge from the new coronavirus mutants found in the United Kingdom. The CDC predicts that it could dominate the United States by March. At least 80 more infectious strains have been identified in more than 12 states. On Saturday, public health officials in Los Angeles confirmed a case of the county’s first variant.

Deaths from coronavirus tend to lag behind the increase in cases and hospitalizations, the latter may have some light of hope. According to Friday data from the Covid Tracking Project, the number of people in US hospitals suffering from the coronavirus has fallen to a record low of 127,235 in 12 days, down 4% from a record high earlier this month.

California reported another 40,622 cases of coronavirus on Saturday, exceeding 2.9 meters, more than any other state, for the first time since the start of the pandemic. New York added about 16,000 infections, bringing the total to 1.22 m. It ranks fourth in the United States after California, Texas, and Florida.

According to the Financial Times analysis of data from the Covid Tracking Project, the population-adjusted state of California has about 83 deaths per 100,000, making it one of the 15 lowest in the state. That’s less than half the mortality rate of about 168 per 100,000 in New York, the ninth highest in the United States.

California surpasses New York as the epicenter of the US Covid crisis

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