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Fresno, California 2021-09-27 18:00:32 –

Sacramento, California-All registered voters in California will mail voting forms for future elections based on a bill signed by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsam on Monday.

The law makes the changes adopted during the 2020 election pandemic and the recent recall to Newsum permanent. California, the country’s most populous state, has joined several other western states in mailing voting forms to all voters, including Utah, Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Under the new law, California voting forms must be issued at least 29 days before the election. Voters can choose to withdraw their votes or vote directly. Prior to the pandemic, many Californians had already voted by mail.

“Votees prefer the option of returning their voting papers by mail, in a secure drop box, in a voting center, or in a traditional voting center. The more people who participate in the election, the stronger the democracy and the more elections. The guarantee is increased. It reflects the will of the people of California. “

Newsom signed 10 other voting bills on Monday and created them as part of an effort to expand voting rights and access. Voting rights have become a major political flash point nationwide. Democrat-led states have increased voting access, while many Republican-led states are trying to strengthen it amid unfounded accusations of widespread voter fraud by former President Donald Trump and other GOP leaders. We are promoting a law aimed at.

In a statement, Democratic Party Newsam said, “As states across the country continue to enact non-democratic voter suppression legislation, California will increase voter access, expand voting options, and say election integrity. We are strengthening transparency. “

A mail vote put California’s Republicans in a tricky place in the recent recall election against New Sam. Many Republicans did not trust this process, and party leaders encouraged voters to vote, promising to closely monitor allegations of fraud.

Republicans, who hold a minority in the state legislature, refused efforts to expand postal voting.

Another proposal signed by Newsom relaxes the rules regarding voting signatures and gives authorities more room to accept votes if the signature does not exactly match what is registered. A law by Democratic Senator Josh Becker prohibits election authorities from taking into account the party preferences of voters when evaluating signatures. Republicans in the state parliament also opposed the bill.

In order to refuse the signature, the other two election managers also need to determine if the signature is clearly different from the signature on that person’s registration record.

Other bills signed by Newsom:

-Increase penalties for improper use of campaign funds

-Increase the distance that campaign activities are blocked outside the polling place

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