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Californian groups advocate for better distribution of fresh produce – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-06 03:31:46 –

South Los Angeles, CA-A group fighting hunger wants local governments to intervene and give all Californians access to fresh produce at nearby grocery stores and farmers markets-and they It points out South Los Angeles as a good starting point.

The Crenshaw area lost one grocery store 10 years ago. The other is closed due to renovations. And now, Kroger has closed his local Ralphs and says he can’t afford the city’s demanding pandemic “Hero Pay.”

Frank Tamborero, Hanger action los Angeles, I want cities and counties to intervene using the Pandemic Relief Fund.

“You can keep the stores you’re currently planning to close and use the money to keep your employees working there,” he said. “We can be confident that we will be able to establish new supermarkets and neighborhood stores in these areas with fresh ingredients.”

The shortage of fresh produce, especially in the color community, is called “food injustice,” “food apartheid,” or “food desert,” and groups working to combat it during the pandemic. He says the problem just got worse.

Jennifer Laurent, organizer of the African Marketplace and Drum Circle Farmers Market in Leimert Park, said major grocery chains still need to invest in their local neighborhoods.

“We need a large retail grocery store in our community that has been shopping for 20 and 30 years-we are committed to us and say,” Hero Pay. “The market is open, you have to pay and maintain.”

She complained that the African Marketplace was having a hard time getting an annual permit from the city. The office of city council member Mark Ridley Thomas said he would like to work with the organizers to hold a clean and safe weekly event. Mr Tamborero said the city wants to do that.

“People in many areas can’t go to the stores to get enough fruits and vegetables, and we should have farmers markets in every corner of Los Angeles because we are very fresh produce. It’s very close to many good sources. “

Advocates also want the county to better fund programs such as Market Match, which gives SNAP recipients additional dollars to spend on farmers markets.

Californian groups advocate for better distribution of fresh produce Source link Californian groups advocate for better distribution of fresh produce

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