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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The Central Valley family seeks justice and change, and through Carrie’s Law, many other families can be saved from tragedy.

Last July, 32-year-old Calley Garay was shot dead while protecting children outside Madera’s clinic.

Police arrested her estranged husband, 50-year-old Julio Garai. He is said to have known her location because of a medical appointment.
Lovers say they did everything right because Carrie inspired the courage to leave the years of abusive marriage. The three mothers were ordered to be detained and hid with their children.

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“Keeping someone safe should be much easier. She feels like she’s experienced a hoop, but she’s still not kept safe,” says Carrie’s cousin Sara Rodriguez. I did. “Carry died to save the lives of her children. Now in honor of her, I hope that other women will do the same to save their lives.”

State Senator Anna Caballero is the author of SB24 and is currently signing the law. It adds a section of domestic violence control orders that can hide school, day care, and medical records where judges may reveal their children’s whereabouts to abusive parents.

“We felt very strongly that we needed to find out what happened and how it happened and make it very clear,” said Senator Caballero.

She hopes that this new law will help victims of domestic violence find the power they need to seek help.

“To give confidence to individuals who want to leave the abusive situation, to know they have protection for them,” Caballero said.

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Carrie’s family says it’s their efforts to help end the cycle of abuse.
“Many times, abusers use children as an alternative way to catch victims,” ​​Rodriguez said.

For Chowchilla police chief David Riviere, the incident was personal. She was still a girl, so he knew Carrie and eventually helped her escape the abuse.

“This really hits me,” he said.

From a police point of view, Riviere says the law will give more power to the victims.

“This is another thing that helps law enforcement agencies actually take some form of enforcement action,” he said.

Julio Garay pleaded not guilty to accusations of murder and child danger. He is waiting for a trial in late August.

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Calley’s Law aims to further protect domestic violence victims Source link Calley’s Law aims to further protect domestic violence victims

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