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Bakersfield, California 2021-05-06 20:30:00 –

The self-proclaimed beast rushed to Bakersfield on Thursday to take over the governor of California’s “cute boy” and vow to drive corruption out of Sacramento.

The “beast,” Republican candidate John Cox, is aiming to replace Governor Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall. Previously, Cox lost to Newsom in 2018 by the largest margin in the California Governor’s election since Earl Warren’s reelection in 1950.

However, Cox changed the brand by calling his campaign “Beauty vs. Beast”, and he wants to draw from the increased name recognition in the potential rematch. A loud roaring bear covers the sides of his campaign bus with a bandage. To bring the message home, Cox deployed a £ 1,000 Kodiak bear during the first stop of a three-day press tour that ended Thursday in Kern County.

“What happened to this golden state?” He asked reporters gathered across from the Flying J gas station in Shuffter. “Politics. We chose beauty over brain. We chose connection over achievement. And our beautiful and cute boy governor broke his own rules and went to the French Laundry, I decided to have dinner with his true boss, the lobbyist. “

In referring to the French Laundry, Cox referred to a well-reported dinner party attended by Newsome in November. Despite what happened at the beginning of the winter outbreak of coronavirus, attendees did not appear to follow the COVID-19 protocol. The incident caused a political backlash against Newsom, who has since apologized.

Cox’s own approach to the coronavirus pandemic would have been quite different from the governor’s approach. Cox pointed out states like Florida and Texas when asked how he treated COVID-19. These states aren’t subject to as strict blockade orders as California, and have lifted all restrictions in almost the past month.

“I wouldn’t have closed the business. I wouldn’t have sent my kids to school for over a year,” Cox said. “This is child abuse. It really is.”

Cox claims to have surprised politics by defeating other Democrats in the 2018 primary, but if he wants to win, he’ll have to get more voters this time around.

On Thursday, several curious spectators briefly spoke to Cox before boarding his campaign bus, some of whom were intrigued by the candidate’s message.

“He seems honest,” said Red Jones, a former oil industry worker who spoke to Cox when he stopped by Flying J. “He seems to be reliable”

Jones says he prefers candidates who can show work-hardened hands and perhaps ease it and show that they were diligent over those who sit in the office all day.

“I work stubbornly,” he said. “That’s how I judge people.”

Another man, Darren Graham, expressed his support for Cox, saying he did so because of his love for California. Some people may leave the state, but Graham wants to stay and see things improve.

Before Cox can take on Newsom, he needs to confront other applicants. Olympic and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner, like former San Diego Mayor Kevin Folconer, has announced his intention to run for governor.

At least 1.6 million residents have signed a petition to force a scallop, but the ultimate front runner to challenge Newsom is still in the air.

Cox, a lawyer and businessman who describes himself as a political outsider, wants to be a voter’s choice.

“We must start doing this in good faith,” he said. “Gavin Newsom is the ultimate insider. He’s not going to fix the situation. He needs a businessman.”

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Calling himself ‘the beast,’ gubernatorial candidate John Cox campaigns in Kern County | News Source link Calling himself ‘the beast,’ gubernatorial candidate John Cox campaigns in Kern County | News

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