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Unvaccinated players will use a stricter protocol this season than vaccinated players.

Mac Jones and Come Newton did not share their vaccination status on Thursday. Baritchin / Globe Staff

NS Field play The Patriots quarterbacks Cam Newton and Mac Jones weren’t the only subjects that had to be addressed after Thursday’s team’s second day of padded practice.

The reporter asked the two another important question. One swallowed the NFL locker room throughout the league. “Are you vaccinated?”

Not surprisingly, both quarterbacks punted.

Newton and Jones refused to confirm that they were vaccinated, and Newton seemed to suffer even the question, “Are you vaccinated?”He asked Boston Globe Reporter Benborin before answering himself.

“I think it’s too personal for each person to discuss it, and I’ll leave it alone,” he said.

Jones likewise called his unanswered vaccination “personal choice.”

The question is clearly relevant to both players, despite what the slanderer may believe.

For one thing, Newton himself was infected with COVID-19 in the fourth week of last season, and although he was asymptomatic, he hadn’t been out for 10 days. He missed the team’s defeat to the Chiefs and struggled to finish the season after a solid start.

Newton is also one of the few players to wear masks on the practice field every day. This is required for all unvaccinated players (although this is not conclusive proof of his status).

Another trip to the 2021 COVID list could theoretically cost his work forever.

In addition, the broader team situation that Minnesota Viking has just faced should be taken into account.

The top three Viking quarterbacks, including starter Kirk Cousins, had to be on the league’s COVID-19 reserve list last week after backup quarterback Kellen Mond was reported to be COVID positive. did.

Cousins, considered high-risk close contacts, have since been removed from the list but continue to oppose vaccination.

NFL has updated regulations this year to allow players infected during vaccination to return quickly from the COVID list and to punish unvaccinated players who violate the COVID protocol. We encourage inoculation.

When asked before Wednesday’s practice, head coach Bill Belichick also blamed the vaccination question. He refused to discuss his status (“we’re not going to get into it”) or the whole team, just saying “we’re here, we’re practicing.”

He previously stated that he believed that “most” of the team was vaccinated — emotions echoed by Jones — but did not give a percentage.

The Patriots currently have one player, Devin Ashiashi, on the COVID-19 Reserve List. However, he is asymptomatic and can return as much as he can to provide two negative tests within 24 hours without facing the mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Cam Newton, Mac Jones won’t say if they’ve received the COVID vaccine Source link Cam Newton, Mac Jones won’t say if they’ve received the COVID vaccine

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