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Boston, Massachusetts 2021-05-12 06:03:42 –

MSPCA police say three cases of cat abuse in Cambridge, Massachusetts may be related.

Nonprofits are currently offering $ 2,500 for information that could lead to convictions of animal cruelty in the latest cases.

A 6-year-old cat named Gosha, That brutal death is under investigation, Removed 11 BB from his body and burned him as well.Gosha Found dead on May 6th According to MSPCA, the hind legs are taped a few blocks away from home.

“This can only come up with a sick and twisted heart … I’m sure it wasn’t too fast,” said Erica Kirichenko, one of Gosha’s owners, on Monday.

Another cat in the same East Cambridge area as Gosha, and a third cat that went missing earlier this month, have “impressive” similarities, according to MSPCA officials.

According to the owner, Buddy went missing in early May and returned with burns.

The second cat, whose name was hidden, also returned home on March 4, after being shot many times with a BB gun. She survived and is now home with her family.

The second cat was an 8-year-old striped calico cat with an ID collar, but when I got home, I didn’t have a collar. Gosha also wore a collar on the day he disappeared, but was missing when he was discovered.

“We need to resolve this case and stop it. The cat clearly suffered and was left dead alone,” said Nadia Moreno, Park Ranger at MSPCA, on Monday. It was.

If you have useful information in this case, please call MSPCA Law Enforcement Agency (800-628-5808) or Cambridge Police (617-349-3300).

The Cambridge Animal Commission encourages local cat owners to keep their cats indoors.

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