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Campaign ad claims Michelle De Laisla is helping police raise money – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-10-30 06:00:47 –

Kansas City, Missouri — Police reform has recently been discussed in Topeka, and the issue is now being brought to the Kansas Second Parliamentary District Race.

Republican state treasurer Jake La Turner and Democratic Mayor of Topeka Michelle de la Isla are competing with each other in a public race.

The LaTurner campaign aired an ad on television labeling De La Isla as an extremist. The ad contains a Democratic clip commenting on police cash flow.

The De La Isla campaign accuses the La Turner campaign of significantly editing and out of context the mayor’s words. Her campaign began broadcasting ads on the topic of cash flow.

At a press conference on August 18, De La Isla said in a newspaper interview that she wanted to break the record. We talked about cash flow topics there.

Here is a transcript of De La Isla’s comments from that day: “Funding the police has stated that it is a very bad marketing term, as it has been a practice of the city of Topeka for the past two years.”

According to the Brookings Institution, refunding funds means redistributing or redirecting funds from the police station to other government agencies. By the definition of a group, cash flow does not mean abolishing financing.

At a press conference in August, De La Isla addressed concerns that she helped police cash flow.

“We are not funding the police station,” De Laisla said at the time.

The Democratic Party of Topeka said the city council recently approved $ 20,000 for police as evidence that the city was not funding police. The minutes of the council show that the approved money addresses homelessness and mental health issues.

Kara Zeyer, a spokesperson for the LaTurner campaign, issued a statement in the text:

“Mayor De Laisla seems to have finally understood how unpopular her past statements and actions in defending the police are and how terrible they are doing to her campaign. Unfortunately, her new perception does not change her remarks or actions. “

The LaTurner campaign was a news release, adding that De La Isla’s actions were more eloquent than her words, and that Topeka police stations were cut during the mayor’s days.

41 Action News has contacted the De La Isla campaign for comment on the latest release. This story will be updated with a reply.

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