Can Biden’s “split” democracy summit be realized? | Joe Biden

NSLots of preliminary commentary on Joe Biden’s two days Summit for democracy It was a diplomat version of the charity ball: there is little discussion about the guest list and how guests are displayed, and perhaps its noble purpose.

After the overwhelming retreat of the West in Afghanistan, it could be a rallying point for democracy, and the summit has not received acclaimed advance notice even from invited people.

Unfocused, unnecessarily fragmented, NGO merry-go-rounds, or extended photography was part of a more kind path.

There was also noise. Hungary, the only EU member state excluded from the guest list of 110 countries, has attempted to prevent the EU from participating in virtual events. Middle Eastern leaders excluded by Biden, such as the United Arab Emirates, have quietly pointed out the competition between France and the United States to sell country jets.

At Biden Promised on the presidential election road to hold the summit, It seems that the goal was to draw a dividing line with Donald Trump’s authoritarian ally And it will reestablish America’s position in the world as a defender of human rights and freedoms.

“Democracy does not happen by chance” Biden said in February. “We have to protect, fight, strengthen and update it.”The summit protects as well as promotes democracy, and American declinist..

Not surprisingly, the biggest ideological and social media barrages for the summit come from its implicit targets Russia and China.Even the two ambassadors of both countries to Washington Wrote a joint article Condemn this event as a “product of Cold War thinking.” Russia also covers the failure of US democracy to cover media manipulation, illegal enforcement of democracy abroad, or false accusations that the 2020 elections may have been stolen from Donald Trump. Issued another 2,000-word statement detailing.

China’s President Xi Jinping is standing at the People’s Congress in Beijing. Photo: How Hwee Young / EPA

China is angry that Taiwan has created a guest list, Superiority of China’s democracy model.. This is the claim of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who insisted in a speech in April 2021 that “democracy is not the Coca-Cola that the United States produces the original syrup, but the whole world has one taste.” Is the same. If there is only one model, the existence of civilization on earth will cause the world to lose its vitality and growth. “

In the white paper, “There is no fixed model of democracy. It manifests itself in many ways. The principle of one-person, one-vote, party competition that underlies the Western electoral system is by them as the only standard of democracy. It is being spread.

“China has chosen the path to democracy for a vast, populated country. As a populous country that has long been plagued by a weak economic base. China We strive to balance democracy and development. A priority has always been on development, which is facilitated by democracy and thus boosts democracy development. China did not indulge in an empty story about democracy, regardless of the country’s stage of development. “

“China has no opposition. But China’s party system is not a one-party system. Nor is it a multi-party system that competes for power and governs in turn. This is where the Chinese Communist Party exercises national power. It’s a multi-party system. “

At some point, this paper is in a spectacular mess about how democracy and dictatorship coexist in China. Concepts such as media freedom and judicial independence are not included at all in the white paper or in the explanation of how the Chinese people chose to determine national interests only by the party.

The fact that both Russia and China spent such a length of time defending their “democracy” suggests that the summit hit at least exposed nerves-or the dictatorship of the United States. I feel so bold due to the state of democracy that I can launch a credible counterattack.

Former US Ambassador to Poland Daniel Fried fears it may be the latter. “The authority is serious. This is not abstract. The tyrant begins a war. Putin threatens a generalized war with Ukraine.. He believes his time is back and democracy is declining. We’ve seen this movie before, but it doesn’t end well. It’s the 1930s again. There is nothing more urgent than democracy renewing itself.

Russian soldiers are seen at the command post during exercises conducted by Russian Airborne Troops troops in the Opk Mountains.
Russian soldiers are seen at the command post during exercises conducted by Russian Airborne Troops troops in the Opk Mountains. Photo: Sergei Malgavko / TASS

However, gravity at that moment does not stop the attack on the summit from both the left and right sides of the west. Dr. Colin Dueck, a Republican-oriented professor speaking at the Heritage Foundation, predicts that the summit will be a “gabfest of virtue signals.” He also suggested that the event, despite his rhetoric, emphasizes that human rights are not at the heart of Biden’s US foreign policy.He points out Countries such as United Arab Emirates and Egypt Biden made a deal in the office. “It’s not a governing position, but a campaign position.”

Daniel Larison, who writes from the left of Responsible Statecraft, takes a similar position. “Today, as long as the’bad guy’is’winning’, at least part of that explanation is Some of them were given Carte Blanche from Washington to imprison and kill their critics.Destabilize other nations and commit war crimes with reckless military intervention. “

Therefore, if the Biden Democracy Summit overcomes the skeptical barrier and is not overlooked as another zoom call to NGOs, it requires some fine-grained deliverables or a series of work that can be pursued at least over the next year.

The organizers of the summit have promised to focus on three main pillars: “against authoritarianism, fight corruption and promote respect for human rights.” Technology issues are all three.

On the surface, it’s strange to include corruption as a theme for the summit, but according to Ben Judah of the Atlantic Council, corruption isn’t about individual villains, but about the bad systems that authoritarians abuse. It reflects your position.

Other announcements are exciting. Biden has confirmed that he will start the Olympic diplomatic boycott. The United States will provide a large amount of cash to the recently launched Japan Foundation for the Public Interest Media. Further rounds of human rights sanctions will be announced. Various civil society alliances over technology, corruption and human rights are emerging.

The fact that Belarusian and Hong Kong activists Nathan Law activists speak in a series of self-organized fringe events tells us that this cannot be an American-owned event, or even a government-owned event. Indicates that you are aware.

Judas said he was impressed with the quality of the anti-corruption strategy just announced by the government after worrying about silence on the subject. “They seem to attend the summit with really solid ideas, something they didn’t have before the G7 and Cop26.”

Can Biden’s “split” democracy summit be realized? | Joe Biden

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