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Charleston, West Virginia (WOWK) – Can an employer request an employee to be vaccinated? coronavirus?? The easy answer is yes, and if you refuse, you can get out of work.

The only two reasons someone can reject a shot are whether they have a qualified underlying illness or a deeply held religious belief.

But even for these reasons, it’s not easy to prove, according to West Virginia Employment Lawyer Richard Walters.

“I’ve seen both little come along with some of the employers I represent. One of the underlying health conditions I’ve seen is that the individual who receives the first shot has side effects. Her doctor advised her not to take the second shot, so she has a doctor to back her up, “Walters said.

If you are trying to get an exemption based on religious beliefs, you can’t just say that. You must prove that you maintain these beliefs consistently.

“For individuals seeking a deeply rooted religion [exemption]Because of the way the vaccine was developed, what they are beginning to discover is that COVID-19 is not the only one developed that way, “Walters said. Lawyers said things like ibuprofen and Tylenol also violated such religious beliefs.

Future regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require all companies with more than 100 employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly. OSHA regulations have not yet come into force, but many companies are already working to mandate vaccines, with a few exceptions. The employer must take things on a case-by-case basis to determine if the reason for the tax exemption is justified.

“As an employer, you need to be careful about what you break open when it comes to your underlying health. I have the right to enter all your medical files just because you have an underlying health. It doesn’t mean that you have. I have the right to make sure it exists, “Walters said.

Over 100 million Americans will be eligible in the coming weeks Vaccine requirements ordered by President Joe Biden.. His administration encourages employers to take additional steps to voluntarily impose vaccines on people and expose them to cumbersome testing requirements.

“We know that vaccination requirements are strict drugs, unpopular with some and political with others, but they save lives and are groundbreaking for our country. That’s what Biden said.

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Can I refuse the COVID-19 vaccine if my employer requires it? Source link Can I refuse the COVID-19 vaccine if my employer requires it?

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