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Can “lettuce water” really help you sleep? TikTok claims it can.

To May Tik Tok VideoA 21-year-old woman in London pushes a mass of lettuce leaves into a Superman mug and soaks it in hot water (with a peppermint tea bag) to drink. “Update, I feel a little drowsy,” she later records herself from a reclining position. “Another update, lettuce cracked because your cis was gone,” she added again, looking like she was on the verge of falling asleep.

The· #lettucewater TikTok’s hashtag has produced hundreds of videos and has received over 31 million views. Some are boring and curious, while others are desperate for sleep hacks.Ann Washington influencers After taking the formula, she says she can hardly keep her eyes open.Ontario men Say the same, Claimed that a cup of “lettuce water” put him to sleep straight for nine hours.

Proponents of social media agree that soaking a handful of lettuce leaves in boiling water for a few minutes and then drinking the liquid will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. But doctors and sleep experts say these claims are unfounded.

Michelle Drerp, director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center, said: “But unfortunately, there is no evidence or benefit behind it.”

According to Drerup, there is no study that eating (or soaking) lettuce purchased from a grocery store can help you fall asleep. But I can understand why people think so.

Lettuce has been used in folk remedies for centuries as a natural sedative and analgesic. During the 19th century For example, some doctors Lactucarium — Dry, hardened form of bitter milky juice secreted by wild lettuce — Make lettuce as a sedative or in combination with other ingredients (opium, hemlock, toxic flowering plants, etc.) Dwale, Herbal anesthetic.

Drerup says the trend of TikTok is 2017 Korea Study With the mouse she saw people quote in the video. In this study, researchers reported that young mice slept about 20 minutes longer after being fed a concentrated extract of lettuce seeds and leaves and pentobarbital (a sedative) than mice fed pentobarbital alone. .. However, Dr. Drerup said the study had many limitations, including the fact that lettuce extract was tested with sleep-inducing drugs. Needless to say, the mouse is not human. “It doesn’t really support the hypothesis that lettuce water is doing something,” Dr. Drerup said.

There are several others animal Human studies — not about lettuce water itself — show a link between lettuce seeds and their extracts and alleviation of insomnia symptoms. Pregnant womanHowever, it does not provide strong enough evidence to prove that lettuce can help sleep, Dr. Drerup said. And even if traditional lettuce has a sedative component, boiling a few leaves will not release enough extract to affect you, she added. “You’ll probably need a full truck.”

There is limited evidence that wild lettuce, a medicinal plant that grows in sunny places around the world and is sometimes sold in the form of tinctures, powders, oils and tablets, has sedative and pain-relieving effects. .. However, keep in mind that raw intake is toxic to humans, says Marie Pierre Saint-Onge, associate professor of nutritional medicine at Columbia University Medical Center and director of the Columbia Sleep Center of Excellence. I did. “It’s a sedative, but I don’t want to take it in large quantities,” she said. Wild lettuce is quite different from the leaves that people soak in hot water at TikTok.

Can “lettuce water” really help you sleep? TikTok claims it can.

Source link Can “lettuce water” really help you sleep? TikTok claims it can.

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