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New Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fontenot and Head Coach Arthur Smith

Pictures of the Atlanta Falcons

Terry Fonte Knot is a straight shooter. This is one of the many reasons the Atlanta Falcons hired him as the new General Manager in January. So when Fontenot participated in a recent football game for his son Kaiden, he honestly appreciated what he saw on the field.

“He’s 10 years old and plays Buford U-10 football,” says a 40-year-old from Louisiana. “We played against the Dacula Falcons and got smoked. That was Buford Wolves’ first defeat. The Dacula Falcons can play. Usually good kids running around a bit around everyone else. There are some, but here all the kids who came in [was playing well].. A child made a mistake and they pulled him out. The next kid they put in performed a touchdown. Oh my god! “

Can the new Atlanta Falcons administration dismiss that old way?
Terry Fontenot

Pictures of the Atlanta Falcons

Whether it’s an active youth or an NFL pro bowler, Fontenot will say it as it is.Since then Falcons got angry at the 2017 Super Bowl, The team totaled 28-36 in regular season games. After 18 years in the New Orleans Saints organization, Fontenot managed to keep the brand from cutting the NFC South, where Saints, Carolina Panthers and defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are patrolling. I know.

“Take the right people to this building,” said Fontenot, the first black GM in Falcons history, to change the culture of the locker room. “Whether we’re talking about coaches, scouts, field players, or anyone, we bring in the right type, so you know what kind of football team you have. You will have a soccer team out there and fight. When you have it, man, you will participate in all the games. “

Head coach Arthur Smith is one of the new faces of the building. The big tight end Kylepits arrives with even greater expectations from the University of Florida. Mike Davis came from Carolina for his first real opportunity as Backfield’s top option.

But on the contrary, familiar names such as wide receiver Julio Jones, veteran center Alex Mac, and up-and-coming defensive stud Damontae Kazy are all left to other teams. Give a frustrated Falcons fan for about a month and you’ll be notified if the roster reversal had a positive impact.

Smith, who has been the attack coordinator for the Tennessee Titans for the past two seasons, said: “We need fans. We have to play our part, bring great products to the world, and make Mercedes-Benz Stadium a really difficult place to come here and play against other teams.”

As you can see, coach Smith is not a modest person either. It may explain why he and Fontenot defeated it so quickly. “When we got this job, Terry and I didn’t know each other,” says 39-year-old Smith. “We have become fast friends. We both like to listen. There is no huge ego. This game can really upset a lot of people. You are in the limelight. I know I’m bathed in. We know what we’ve signed up for. And that can influence decision making. Both Terry and I are comfortable on our skin. Terry is a great listener. I want to believe that I’m a good listener, but I think I need to ask someone else. “

Can the new Atlanta Falcons administration dismiss that old way?
Arthur Smith during this year’s training camp

Pictures of the Atlanta Falcons

Smith and Fontenot are certainly listening to whispers around the league. The Falcons front office knows what to do to get the team back into the playoffs for the first time in five seasons. But they seem ready for the challenge.

“The first conversation with Arthur Smith was really cool,” says Fontenot. “We have the same mindset and the same philosophy from the perspective of people and players. We two feel it’s about make-up. It’s about who you are. You When you have a smart, tough, competitive team, you’re going to get out there and fight all the games. Sometimes you play against a team that is more talented than you. Sometimes you’re more I’m going to have the talent of [other] team. But that doesn’t matter. It’s about toughness, and teams that get out there and want more will play harder, be more prepared, and be smarter. It’s about personal composition. That’s what actually sets the tone for your team. “

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