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Can vaccinated people go to the gym?

Gymnasiums and indoor fitness classes are one of the high-risk causes of the spread of the virus for unvaccinated people. I recently Hawaii 37 year old fitness instructor, Taught 10 people a spin class.

He sat on his bicycle in front of the room and faced the students, shouting instructions and encouragement. The doors and windows are closed, but three large floor fans created a breeze to keep everyone cool. As a precaution against Covid-19, all bikes were at least 6 feet apart. (At that time, you didn’t have to wear a mask at the gym.)

However, only four hours after class, the instructor began to feel tired. By morning, he had chills, body pain, coughing and other respiratory symptoms.Soon he tested positive CoronavirusAnd finally, Everyone Those who attended his class that day also tested positive.

However, the outbreak did not stop there. A 46-year-old fitness instructor who attended a spin class infected 11 more people in a personal training session and kickboxing class for the next few days, after which he became ill and landed in the intensive care unit.

in the case of Hawaii Spin Instructor The virus was alert for the efficiency of leaving the airways and swirling around closed classrooms to reach everyone in the room. Among epidemiologists, it is known as 100 percent incidence.

This story happened before people were vaccinated, but group fitness classes, which often encourage high-energy huffs and puffs in poorly ventilated classrooms, present such a difficult challenge in infection control. The lesson of why you do it. Although vaccinated people are less likely to get sick after attending a group fitness class, indoor fitness classes do have a higher risk of infection than going to a grocery store or a local library.

So what should I do? I have spoken to many experts and there is consensus that vaccination should help return to much of normal life. It is unknown what the vaccination status is around you, such as wearing a mask on public transport or in a store. Here is their guidance.

No vaccine provides 100% protection, but current vaccines from Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson provide strong protection against the coronavirus. Overall efficacy is slightly lower against the highly infectious Delta variant, but all vaccines still provide strong protection against serious illnesses against Delta. Over 99% of current cases are unvaccinated patients. Whether at the gym, at a wedding, or on a college campus, unvaccinated people are at greatest risk.

The more you give the virus the opportunity to challenge the vaccine, the higher the risk of breakthrough infection. Therefore, if you go to a club every night, or if you are caring for Covid-19 to an unvaccinated child without mask precautions, the antibody produced by the vaccine will be too large to provide completely. Protection that may eventually come into contact with the virus. Fortunately, even if the virus breaks through, the effectiveness of the vaccine will continue to work to protect you from serious symptoms.

If you are young, healthy and vaccinated, fitness classes where some participants may not be vaccinated pose less risk. However, you need to be more careful if you have weakened immunity, if you live with older or vulnerable people, or if you are caring for an unvaccinated child. Consider an outdoor class or find a well-ventilated gym with windows and open doors on the other side of the room. Join a class that requires a mask for everyone.Read more about Here are Jim’s notes.

Can vaccinated people go to the gym?

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