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Honolulu, Hawaii 2022-06-24 21:34:51 –

Honolulu (KHON2) —Have you ever seen a sea creature that looks like this and swims? It is a sand-colored creature with dark polka dots on the sides of its body.

Photos and videos of this dancing sea creature were posted on a Facebook page asking people if they could correctly identify this type of creature.

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Some guessed sea slugs, others guessed Spanish dancers, but neither answer was completely correct.

Andrew Rossitter of the Waikiki Aquarium said the correct term for this type of sea creature is the sea slug.

“The picture isn’t enough to identify it exactly, but it looks like an animal called a polka-dotted nudibranch,” Rossita said.

He said Spanish dancers usually have very elaborate frills around their bodies when swimming. In addition, there are three colors, red, orange, and black.

“It’s not a Spanish dancer. The colors are completely wrong,” Rossiter said. “And the way it swims is wrong.”

This sea creature does not have elaborate colors and does not have the same kind of frills on its body.

“Spanish dancers usually have a 90% chance of being red or orange,” Rossiter said. “The frills around the body when swimming are very elaborate.”

However, the nudibranch belongs to the same group of animals as the Spanish dancers, so some may confuse the two.

“It’s a group of the same animals called Nudibranch, which means Nudibranch,” Rossita said. “The gills actually stick out from behind the body, so the common name is the appetizing sea slug.”

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According to Rossitter, these types of sea creatures are nocturnal and are not normally found during the day, but are usually found around the coast.

Can you name this dancing sea creature found on Oahu? Source link Can you name this dancing sea creature found on Oahu?

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