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Canada tapping reserve maple syrup supply amid shortage – Las Vegas, Nevada

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((((Hill) – Just a week after President Biden used oil reserves to fill the global shortage, the Canadian group announced that it would devote itself to an emergency supply of maple syrup to keep up with global demand. According to multiple reports..

Quebec Maple Syrup Producer, Canada’s leading industry group, has released reserves of around £ 50 million, about half of its stockpile. According to CNN Business..

The trading group is backed by the Government of Canada and is sometimes referred to as the “OPEC of Maple Syrup.” As of 2020, Quebec will produce 73% of the world’s maple syrup supply, according to CNN reports. So far, the largest buyer of goods is the United States.

CNN reports that the reserve was created to prepare for situations such as poor harvest times and surges in demand for maple syrup.

NPR report This year there was a characteristic warmth in the short spring, and maple syrup harvesters could barely work.

“That’s why we’re ready not to miss maple syrup, and don’t miss maple syrup!” Helen Normandin, communication director of Quebec maple syrup producer, said when talking to NPR.

“At this point we can understand that the Quebec season starts a little earlier in February instead of March and ends earlier,” Normandin reports.

Canada’s maple syrup supply has faced problems in the past. According to CNN, during the 2011-2012 harvest, $ 20 million worth of maple syrup (about 3,000 tons) was stolen and became notorious as the “Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist.”

NPR has added another 7 million trees for maple syrup this season to replenish the group’s supply to ensure that next year’s demand is met and people can continue to enjoy maple syrup without delay. It is reported that it will be used.

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