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Canadian County Sheriff Chris West gave his recount of being in D.C., but says he didn’t join in the riot – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Canadian County, Okura () – Canadian County Sheriff Chris West held a press conference Friday afternoon on social media about his thoughts on mob violence at the US Capitol and his trip to Washington, DC on Wednesday. Condemned the rumors.

West said he took his car to Washington, DC to take part in a protest at Liberty Square. He also said he had deleted his social media while he was there at his wife’s request to protect his family and not let anyone know he was going. However, he marched to the Capitol and did not participate in many lawmakers labeling the riots.

“A terrible crime at our beacon and the fortress of the last hope for our country invades it and terrorizes it,” West said. “I rebuke all that.

West accused the violence in Washington, DC. He was there, but appeared to be wearing a tactical helmet, saying he wasn’t the man the federal agent wanted.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “I want the citizens of Canadian County to know that it is not their sheriff.”

According to West, he attended a rally at Liberty Square Wednesday morning as a “civilian.” He said he became patriotic and supportive of the president, adding that he raised the Trump flag when he walked to the Capitol with the crowd.

“Did you step into the Capitol?” asked.

“Oh, absolutely not,” he said.

“Did you oppose the electoral college?” Asked the reporter.

“Are you against the electoral college?” West said. “I was going to support Trump, and I’ll leave it alone.”

West denied crossing police boundaries and said no attacks on the Capitol were seen. He shared this photo below and said it was as close as he got.

The photo goes with the story
Photo by Chris West

“I think everything was happening before we left Liberty Square,” he said. “I didn’t see violence. I don’t know when it happened.”

He claimed to have left the Capitol around 3-4 pm when the riots were still taking place. He didn’t want to guess who was inside.

“I’m not going there because I haven’t investigated it,” West said. “I don’t have enough information.”

But he went on to say, “Just having a souvenir doesn’t mean it’s the case.”

He said when they returned to his hotel, “We encountered some, I might have believed some … I’m not going to name them. It was another protest group. “

In fact, West said his experience in Washington was great.

“99.9 percent of the people were patriotic and good Americans,” he said.

The riots were over, claiming the lives of five people and the enormous damage to the Capitol building. A woman was shot dead, three died in first aid, and a police officer in the Houses of Parliament died on Thursday after being injured Wednesday afternoon. The Associated Press reported that a police officer had been hit in the head by a fire extinguisher. The FBI states that no evidence of the involvement of ANTIFA activists has been found.

Sheriff West referred to past Black Lives Matter protests compared to Wednesday’s event.

“In contrast to the riots we saw and the way they attacked and destroyed the statues, it was the exact opposite,” he said. “It was an American who loved freedom.”

West added that he didn’t regret attending and called for an online petition calling for his work to be “ridiculous.” He blamed all social media rumors about him.

Here is a live video of West’s press conference. The start of the event was not captured due to technical issues.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West gave his recount of being in D.C., but says he didn’t join in the riot Source link Canadian County Sheriff Chris West gave his recount of being in D.C., but says he didn’t join in the riot

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