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Nashville, TN (WTVF) — A brief post from the Facebook group seeking to connect with other cancer patients has led to a cancer-centric community, but it’s all about friendship.

At the age of 36, Catherine van Grinsben was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2021.

“When I was first diagnosed, I know that you will be diagnosed with a terminal illness or a terrifying all sort of health check. You need to learn to deal with it, and until I reach it. It took me a long time, months, and it’s comfortable to talk to and reach out to others, “she explained. “Some people have cancer friends and cancer groups that they could meet and, as you know, hang out and get to know each other, virtually all over the world in these groups. I saw him with the people of. “”

She liked the idea of ​​having a cancer community, but said that nothing was local enough to make it feel personal.

Claire Kopsky

Cancer Confidants Founder and Stage 4 Cancer Patient Katherine Van Grinsven

“I posted on a page in the neighborhood of our East Nashville, a fun group you know, many people from our area are connected,” she said. “I was really looking for a friend, preferably someone in stage 4, preferably someone in my age group, but based on the answers I got in the post, I immediately understood that many people did this. He said he needed it. He chorded with some people. “

Jennifer Helton, who was diagnosed with mucinous cancer during a pandemic, saw Van Grinsben’s post.

“I was literally jumping for joy because this was what I wanted for a year,” Helton explained. “I said,’Oh, do you have a woman who lives in my neighborhood and is close to my age?’ And I’m so ecstatic, just sit here and talk about other women. Just listening to it created a kind of friendship. “


Claire Kopsky

Cancer Confidants meet every few weeks in neighborhoods to avoid each other’s cancer appointments.

Groups meet in the neighborhood every few weeks to schedule each other’s cancer schedules.

“Cancer can be a very isolated experience. It can be a very lonely experience,” Van Grinsven explained. “When you’re stuck with a series of appointments, doctors’ visits and treatments, you may feel that other parts of the world are passing by, and by creating this group and keeping it close, people Please join us knowing that they are not alone. “

For more information on joining East Nashville’s Cancer Confidants group and tips for starting your own group in your neighborhood, Website Also Facebook group For more information.


Claire Kopsky

Cancer Confidants started on Facebook, but the group’s mission is to build face-to-face friendships.

‘Cancer Confidants’ converge in East Nashville to build community Source link ‘Cancer Confidants’ converge in East Nashville to build community

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